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The 2016 Committee Volunteer Online Form - Available February 2016

To accomplish its mission, LLAMA relies on the work and energy of active committee members and we hope you will volunteer your time and talents with us. Opportunities are available throughout LLAMA and its sections, and committee descriptions can be found here.

In order to volunteer for a division or section committee, you must be a member of LLAMA and the appropriate section. If you need to add LLAMA or section membership, click here, login to the ALA site, and follow the instruction for adding membership. Membership in any or all sections is free.

If you cannot attend both ALA conferences, you may still participate on a committee. We encourage committee work between ALA conferences through ALA Connect and other online resources. When you are at a conference, we want your experience to be valuable and relevant. Our committees generally meet only one time in a large, joint session that is designed to foster collaboration and communication. The rest of the time at a conference is yours to learn, network, and socialize. Please note that due to the scope of its work, the LLAMA Program Committee meets multiple times at conferences.

Appointments are generally made throughout the spring for two-year terms, July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2018.  For full consideration please submit your form by May 1, 2016.

A Special Note about the New Professionals Section (NPS)

Unlike most other groups within ALA and LLAMA, NPS utilizes shorter term project teams to accomplish its work.  Default appointments are for one year, but actual terms may vary depending on the choices of the team.  You are especially encouraged to apply if you are interested in shorter term project work as opposed to the standard two-year committee term. 

About the Form

The online volunteer form collects information about your background, the kind of work you'd like to do, and the names of groups to which you'd like an appointment.  When you complete the form and click submit at the end, you will receive an automated acknowledgment via email.  Your form will then be reviewed by the division president-elect and the section chair-elects who were elected last year:

  • John Spears, LLAMA President-elect
  • Christopher Stewart, Building and Equipment (BES) Chair-elect
  • Dwain Teague, Fundraising and Financial Development (FRFDS) Chair-elect
  • Scott P. Muir, Human Resources (HRS) Chair-elect
  • Adriana Gonzalez, Library Organization and Management (LOMS) Chair-elect
  • Anne Cooper Moore, Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation (MAES) Chair-elect
  • Zara T. Wilkinson, New Professionals (NPS) Chair-elect
  • Rebecca Metzger, Public Relations and Marketing (PRMS) Chair-elect
  • Lynda Aldana, Systems and Services (SASS) Chair-elect

If you are appointed to a committee, you will receive an email asking you to accept or decline the appointment, and you need only click the appropriate link. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering.  If you have any questions, please contact LLAMA at 800-545-2433, ext. 5036, or kward@ala.org

Accessing the Form

Before clicking the link, login to the ALA web site. If you do not log in, you'll be taken to the generic ALA login screen before you can proceed to the appointment form welcome screen.
Please Note: you cannot access the form if your LLAMA membership is not paid up-to-date.

Committee Volunteer Form - Available February 2016