Previous Member Spotlight - Jeffrey T. Bowen

Jeffrey T. Bowen
Director of Technical Services
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL
LLAMA member since: 2011

Jeffrey T. Bowen

Professional experience, particularly LLAMA activities

I have over 17 years of experience in libraries and have been active in LLAMA for the past three years, serving on the Programs Committee for two years and as chair this past year.  I graduated from the University of Maryland and have held leadership roles at Georgetown University Law Center, Florida International University Law School, and the University of North Florida.  I have always been an active participant in the profession.  This includes co-chairing the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Indexing Periodicals Advisory Committee, serving as treasurer on the Steering Committee of the Mid-Atlantic Innovative Users Group (MAIUG), serving on the Northeast Florida Library Information Network (NEFLIN) Board, and lately chairing the LLAMA Programs Committee.

Most memorable LLAMA experience or contribution

My most memorable LLAMA contribution to date is my time on the Programs Committee.  I started as a member of the committee; learning about the process and seeing a lot of new and exciting programs come through.  I am particularly happy with my role in assisting with the redesign of that process.  The committee members now have time to attend some of the great programs our members are doing.  This last year was very exciting, chairing this group through this transition period and balancing the logistics of operating the committee’s new processes in this first year.

What do you think is the best or worst film adaptation of a book?

I love movies of all kinds, but I particularly like to be entertained.  So, films with good action or characters or beautiful cinematography are what really attract me.  Therefore, it is hard to pick just one great film adaptation.  So I’ll go with my favorite books growing up, the Lord of the Rings. As for worst adaptations, I’ll stick with the same author and director and ask…what was Peter Jackson thinking with this Hobbit adaptation anyway?

What was the first job you ever had?

As a kid, I mowed everyone’s lawn but my own in order to make money.  However, my first real job came in high school.  I worked in an ice cream shop.  For someone with an ice cream addiction, the ability to access free ice cream during the summers made me glad I did athletics in high school.