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Leadership and Management Competencies Courses

LLAMA's exciting new series of online courses will help you become a better leader and boost your career to a new level. You will gain the specific knowledge, skills, and behaviors you will need to be a fully competent library leader.

  • Course type: online and asynchronous
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Work required: weekly reading and writing assignments; weekly quizzes; and a final self evaluation. Deadlines within the four weeks can be flexiblke, but all course work must be completed within a week of the course ending.
  • Estimated total time required:  average 8-10 hours across a course, depending on the individual student's reading and writing speed

Evidence-based decision making (April 16  -May 11)

This course will give you a full understanding of evidence-based decision making; how it can be applied at your own workplace; and how to overcome common barriers to using it.

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Conflict Resolution (May 14 -June 8)

This course will give you the knowledge, skills and strategies you need to productively work through conflict among your team members

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Change Management (July 9 - August 6)

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For questions about this course or LLAMA’s other continuing education offerings, contact Fred Reuland,, 312-280-5032.

About our expert instructors

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe is professor/coordinator for Information Literacy Services in the University Library and affiliate faculty in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As the 2010-2011 ACRL president, she led the launch of the ACRL Value of Academic Libraries Initiative. Lisa is currently editor of Library Trends, chair of the IFLA Information Literacy Section, and writes for Scholarly Kitchen. She has also held positions in DLF, NISO, ARL and ALA. She has presented and published widely on information literacy, teaching and learning, program evaluation, assessment, strategic planning, organizational innovation, discovery and emerging technologies. Web:; Twitter: @lisalibrarian

Beth Woodard

Beth S. Woodard is Associate Professor Emerita in the University Library and affiliate faculty in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she is currently co-teaching Library and Administration of Library and Information Centers.  She spent the last 12 years as the coordinator of staff development and training for the UIUC Library.  She has been active in both RUSA and ACRL, and is currently working on a book with Jo Bell Whitlatch on training for the RUSA Professional Competencies, and was a faculty member of the ACRL Immersion Program for 17 years.

About the LLAMA Foundational Leadership Competencies

As the professional organization for library leadership and management development, the Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) has identified 14 foundational competencies that can be applied across roles, career stages and library types.