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Welcome to "Break Room Chats," the podcast of the LLAMA New Professionals Section. This monthly podcast covers issues of leadership and management for new LIS professionals, including interviews with prominent LLAMA/ALA leaders. 

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Episode 13: Elizabeth Gibes. May 2016. In this episode, Heather James speaks with a Marquette University colleague, Research and Instruction Librarian Elizabeth Gibes, who is also a member of ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries). 

Episode 12: Sarah Neeri. Apr 2016. In this episode, Elspeth Olsen speaks with public librarian Sarah Neeri about ways to lead without being a manager, and some of the challenges and perks of working in a public library system. 

Episode 11: Special Issues. Mar 2016. In this episode, each of the podcast team members speaks briefly about issues close to their hearts. And we'd like to hear from YOU about issues close to yours. Take the survey at

Episode 10: Reed David. Feb 2016. In this episode, recorded at ALA Midwinter in Boston, Elspeth Olson talks to Reed David, the Cataloging Librarian for the University of Anchorage/Alaska Pacific University Consortium Library at the University of Alaska Anchorage. They speak about his career path, and what is involved in presenting at an ALA conference. 

Episode 9: Beth Crowley. Jan 2016. Elizabeth Davidson speaks to Beth Crowley, director of the EC Scranton Memorial Library in Madison, CT. They discuss public library management, Beth's transition from marketing to librarianship, and her involvement with the Connecticut Library Association.

ALA Midwinter 2016: Break Room Chats Recommendations. Jan 2016. The Break Room Chats team squeaks in ahead of ALA Midwinter 2016 with a few recommendations of sessions to attend at the conference. Hope to see you there!


Episode 7: Amanda Hornby. Dec 2015. In this episode, Heather James speaks to Amanda Hornby, Teaching & Learning Librarian / Geography Librarian at the University of Washington in Seattle. They discuss her current and previous roles in academic librarianship, as well as the concept of leading from the middle.

Episode 6: Mattie Taormina. Nov 2015. In this episode, Elspeth spoke with Mattie Taormina, who has held a number of varied positions in the library and archives world, including serving as Head of Public Services for Stanford Special Collections for nine years. They discussed the importance of communication, association involvement, and mentoring in developing as a leader and manager.

Episode 5: Drusilla Carter. Oct 2015. In this episode, Elizabeth Davidson speaks to Drusilla Carter, director of Willimantic Public Library in Connecticut, about running an urban library that serves a diverse population. Carter is also a board member of Bibliomation, a library consortium and open-source network.

Episode 4: Kate Conerton & Graphic Design. Sept 2015. Elspeth interviews Kate Conerton, and they discuss distance librarianship and taking the lead as a new librarian. Elizabeth talks about the use of graphic design in libraries and tools for non-designers.

Episode 3: Maureen Sullivan. Aug 2015. A conversation about leadership with Maureen Sullivan, Past-President of the American Library Association.

Episode 2: NPS Past, Present, and Future.  audio | transcript
In this episode, Elspeth speaks with the NPS Leadership Team at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco, in June 2015. Past Chair Tyler Dzuba, current Chair Derrick Jefferson, and current Vice Chair Zara Wilkinson discuss the past, present, and future of the New Professionals Section.

Episode 1: Introduction.  audio | transcript
Welcome to Break Room Chats! Meet the hosts of the show (Elspeth Olson, Elizabeth Davidson, and Heather James) as they answer the questions that will be asked of interviewees in future episodes. July 2015.