Member Spotlight - Pixey Anne Mosley

March 2014

Pixey Anne Mosley
Professor and Associate Dean for Administrative and Faculty Services,
Texas A&M University Libraries
College Station, TX
LLAMA member since: 1999

Pixey Anne Mosley

Professional experience, particularly LLAMA activities

During my 20 years as a professional librarian, I have served in many library roles from starting out in information technology, to library instruction/reference, to managing access services (circulation, etc), to an 18-month stint managing cataloging, interrupted by a 7-month interim appointment in university administration heading the academic integrity office, and culminating in my current role as part of the libraries’ administrative team.  Add in my previous career as an aerospace engineer and what a winding road it has been. 

Obviously with this sort of career path and being at a library that expects active service at the national level, I have been professionally involved in several different round tables and divisions of ALA.  But I first found LAMA (as it was then) committee activities in the early 2000s. I primarily served on different committees in the Systems and Services Section, but my real understanding and appreciation for the breadth and scope of LLAMA occurred when I became Co-Associate Editor of LL&M in 2008 and started hanging around all of the different sections and the Executive Board for the next four years.  Since then, I have enjoyed many different discussion groups, continuing education and leadership development programs put on by LLAMA. Currently, I am serving on the Continuing Education Committee. 

As a tenured Professor, I am expected to engage in research and experimentation and publish ideas for the profession at-large and have written numerous articles and three books.  When I initially took on management responsibilities in 1999, exploring and writing on leadership and management seemed the most portable direction to take my scholarship.   This was what led me to discover LL&M, which in turn served as my original introduction to LLAMA.  Since that time, I’ve had several articles published in LL&M in addition to the various editor’s columns and currently writing the regular Engaged Leadership column.

Most memorable LLAMA experience or contribution

The first year I served as Co-Associate Editor of LL&M, I decided to immerse myself in LLAMA in order to better represent all of the organization, not just the areas I was already familiar with.  So I spent that entire conference bouncing between the various divisions, discussion groups, and programs.  I was amazed how many diverse viewpoints one could find in LLAMA and how broad the scope of interest was.  I had not realized how big it really was and how many niche areas were represented and how it brought together vendors and librarians and managers and administrators the way it did until that experience.  I was also impressed with how open and welcoming everyone was, even before I introduced myself as the journal Co-Associate Editor.

What was the first job you ever had?

It is interesting to me sometimes about how my career has come full circle, but with a few detours along the way.  My first paying job was as a Reference Department student employee in Evans Library at Texas A&M University.  I had been volunteering in the local public library for a few years until I turned 16, but they could not offer me a paying position.  Normally, the university did not hire high school students but the Director of the public library encouraged them to give me a try for the summer.  I was rather gung ho even then and made a lasting impression so that I continued to come back during summers.  Once I started college, I worked through the year until I was recruited to work in my academic department (Aerospace Engineering).   When I was looking for a career change from engineering, I came back and talked to my previous manager (who did remember me) and she helped advise me on choosing an MLS program.  One of my original student supervisors is still an active staff member and enjoys teasing me about my energy and enthusiasm, then and now. 

What was the best meal you ever ate?

As an unabashed carnivore and native Texan, any time I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, my visit has to include a stop at Cattleman’s Steakhouse in the Ft. Worth Stockyards district. As the name implies…steak is their specialty.  The only issue I have had there is that it is a popular place for the Snap-On Tools group to have customer and employee dinner events…and they can get a bit rowdy.  So after encountering them two times in a row, I’ve learned to indicate a preference for a booth, which gives more privacy and quiet.