Member Spotlight - Gary Fitsimmons

December 2013

Gary Fitsimmons
Director of Library Services
Bryan College
Dayton, TN
LLAMA member since: 2007


Gary Fitsimmons

Professional experience, particularly LLAMA activities

LLAMA Section memberships: Fund Raising and Financial Development Section, Systems and Services Section, Public Relations and Marketing Section, Human Resources Section. Offices Held: LLAMA Board Executive Committee 2012-2013, LOMS Chair 2012-13, LOMS Nominating Committee 2010-11, FRFDS Trends, Marketing & Project Development Committee 2008-2010, LOMS Risk Management and Insurance Committee, ALA 2007-2011, Chair 2008-11, SASS Management Practices Committee, ALA, 2007-2009.

Most memorable LLAMA experience or contribution

Being the second ever LLAMA Section Representative to the executive board last year was quite an experience. The office is one of the best ways to get an organization-wide view, since the constituents are the section chairs who report much of their activities through this position. The fact that it currently happens in conjunction with being a section chair means that along with the breadth of activities happening in LLAMA, one also gets a view of the depth of activities in at least one section. Besides providing a place of contribution to the organization, the office is very instructive in terms of how the organization works and what it takes to both be a leader in LLAMA as well as helping to cultivate leadership skills in other LLAMA members. The most important lesson learned and therefore advice I can give in being involved is to be committed to being proactive. Do not wait for someone to tell you what to do, but ask questions until you know where the need is and then do it!

If you had not chosen your present career, what would you be doing?

If I had not chosen to go for a MLS degree ten years after graduating with my BA, I would have furthered my BA training in Theatre with an MFA. I still participate in my favorite area through playwriting and sometimes directing or acting. I am currently working on a musical and hope to see it produced in the next few years.