Member Spotlight - Frank R. Allen


Frank R. Allen
Associate Director, Administrative Services, University Libraries
University of Central Florida
LLAMA member since: 1994


Frank R. Allen

Professional experience, particularly LLAMA activities

Chair BES Section 2013-14, LOMS Financial and Administrative Services Committee 2011-13, LL&M Publications Advisory Committee, 2010-11, BES Library Buildings Award Committee 2009-11,Chair LLAMA Program Committee 2007-09 and member 2006-07, LLAMA President’s Program Committee 2005-06, MAES Using Measurement Data for Planning, Evaluation and Communications committee 2001-03 and Secretary 2002-04, BES Functional Space Requirements Committee 1998-00, LOMS Financial Management Committee 1996-99.

What was the best meal you ever ate?

Roast rack of lamb at a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, some kind of spinach soufflé dish, followed by crème brulee. I could drive to it (if its still there) but unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the restaurant!  The service, ambience, presentation and culinary delights were memorable many years later. Southern Low Country cuisine is very high on my list, as are Cuban/Spanish dishes.

What was your favorite class in college?

Economics 101, taught by Dr. Rendigs Fels, Vanderbilt University. Dr. Fels was the most gifted speaker/professor/orator I had in all my undergrad and graduate years, breathing life into what some feel is a dull science.  That course and his delivery captivated my interest in the beauty and logic of economics, which led to a major in finance with minor in economics.

Most memorable LLAMA experience or contribution?

Chair, LLAMA Program Committee, 2007-2009.  Being able to see programs in development first hand, and doing our part (the committee) to bring them to fruition was both highly educational and rewarding. One of LLAMA’s strengths is the quality and volume of programs and preconferences it brings to the ALA Annual Conference. Many, many person hours go into creating program content, recruiting speakers, staging the logistics and attending to details, all on essentially zero budgets. It is something I marvel at and hope that LLAMA members appreciate and take advantage of as constituents.