Member Spotlight - Bonnie J. Smith

April 2013

Bonnie J. Smith
Assistant Program Director for Human Resources
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
LLAMA member since: 2010

Bonnie J. Smith

Professional experience, particularly LLAMA activities

I have worked in Human Resources for nearly 15 years but only recently in academic libraries. As a member of ALA for the last 3 years I quickly became involved with LLAMA and am currently the Chair of the LLAMA HRS Staff Development Committee. As Co-Chair of the LLAMA Diversity Officers Discussion Group, I have had the pleasure of leading lively discussions on diversity opportunities and challenges facing libraries.

Most memorable LLAMA experience or contribution

The LLAMA HRS Staff Development Committee has had the pleasure of collaborating with the Leadership Skills Committee this year on a program for the Annual Conference in Chicago. The title of the program is Project Management: A Skill Set Every Leader Needs. As Chair of the Staff Development Committee I have enjoyed working with colleagues on this program and hope it provides attendees with practical skills they can implement in their libraries.

What was the best meal you ever ate?

The best meal I ever ate was prepared in a tin can over an open fire after backpacking all day along the high peaks of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I don’t remember what we actually ate except that it was likely to be a hearty soup of some sort with lentils, but I remember thinking that I had never tasted anything so good. The setting was the bright crisp stars above and the peaceful hum of the earth in the forest – perhaps this also had something to do with the taste!

What was your favorite class in college?

As a graduate student in Environmental Studies, I had many classes that captivated my curiosity and for which I had a lot of passion. My favorite class however was ‘Political Economy of Sustainability’ where we explored how political institutions, the economic system, applied sciences, and social movements interact over time. We presented class projects and discussed how these dynamics played out in relation to the goals of sustainability, justice, and economic well-being, for specific ‘movements’ over the past quarter century. It was a fascinating class with divergent views and interpretations of events.