MBTI® Resources

Library Leadership and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® will focus on applying your MBTI® type. It will not include the completion and interpretation of the MBTI®.  To get the most out of the workshop, you should identify your MBTI® type before the workshop.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is a psychological instrument, and is restricted to use by certified professionals. If you’ve not already worked with a certified MBTI practitioner, here are some options for identifying your MBTI® type:


  • Check with your human resources or training offices, or similar offices in nearby universities. Many organizations offer the MBTI® to their employees, or the office may be able to refer you to a local practitioner.
  • Take the MBTI®Complete, an online version without personal feedback. The service and rates are described on the website. (https://www.mbticomplete.com/en/index.aspx)
  • Take the MBTI® Online with Personal Feedback through the Center for Applications of Psychological Type. The service and rates are described on the website. (http://www.capt.org/take-mbti-assessment/mbti.htm)
  • To find another certified MBTI practitioner near you, contact your local chapter of the Association for Psychological Type International (http://www.aptinternational.org/chapters/) or the MBTI® Master Practitioner Referral Network (http://www.mbtireferralnetwork.org/)/


If you are unable to identify your MBTI® type reliably before the workshop, you may still participate by making an educated guess based on descriptions of the 16 types.


Additional options may be found through an online search.