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LLAMA’s New Innovation Incubator Series!

Defining innovation
December 4th, 130-3:00 pm Central Time

Taking the lead on new opportunities at your library doesn’t have to be overwhelming and exhausting. In this webinar we will show you how to approach innovation in a practical way that will have big results. We will break down innovation using Design Thinking steps, which include empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. You may be surprised to discover that two of the innovation skills we will focus on in this webinar are already in rotation in many libraries: empathy and planning.
Shauna Edson, Instructional Design Librarian, Indiana State Library
Cinthya Ippoliti, Director, Auraria Library, University of Colorado, Denver

Implementing innovation
December 11th, 130-3:00 pm Central Time

In this webinar, the presenter from the Loyola Notre Dame Library will provide five key organizational development practices that the Library has successfully implemented to support the transformation of the Library into an innovative center of learning. The presenter from the Nevada State College Library will follow with a specific example of a successful implementation utilizing evidence-based management practices that resulted in developing a highly collaborative project-based work environment and led to a range of cutting-edge college library initiatives.
Katy O’Neill, Associate Director, Loyola Notre Dame Library, Baltimore, MD
Nathaniel King, Director of Library Services, Nevada State College, Henderson, NV

Assessing innovation
January 8th, 2020, 130-3:00 pm Central Time

In this webinar, two academic libraries - the Loyola Notre Dame Library and University of Oklahoma Libraries - will share alternative ways to assess the success of innovation initiatives, including evaluation methods for new services, spaces, and programming. Presenters will also share storytelling techniques, which have been effective for communicating the value of innovation initiatives, so that participants can develop a framework for ensuring and sustaining both institutional and user support.
Katy O’Neill, Associate Director, Loyola Notre Dame Library, Baltimore, MD

Matt Cook, Digital Scholarship Program Manager, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

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