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2017 Midwinter Institutes

Library Service Center

LLAMA Midwinter Institute
Emory University and Georgia Tech: A Collaborative Partnership Between Private and Public Institutions
Friday, January 20, 8:30 am-12:30 pm (Offsite)

Emory University and Georgia Tech invite you to the Library Service Center for a half-day workshop that will focus on the public-private partnership between the two libraries.  Representatives from both institutions will discuss challenges, innovations, and lessons learned in developing and providing access to a shared collection (retrospective and prospective), and in the planning, design, management, and logistics of a joint high-density storage facility.  The workshop will include a tour of this state-of-the-art facility. Bus transportation is provided.

The Institute is designed to increase proficiency in 2 of LLAMA’s 14 foundational leadership competencies: Collaboration and Partnerships, and Project Management.


  • $95 for LLAMA Divisional Members
  • $145 for ALA members
  • $45 for Other Members (Retired, Student, Trustee, Non-Salaried, Support Staff)
  • $245 for Non-ALA Members


LLAMA Career Institute
Noticing Self: Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills for Professionals and Leaders
Friday, January 20, 1:00-4:30 pm (GWCC-B201)

Pearl Alexander

Pearl Alexander

With research indicating that a large percentage of librarians are introverts, developing knowledge and skills about individual temperaments is essential for library professionals and leaders interested in building the emotional intelligence competence and skills to be successful in today’s workplace. Learning to harness the talents of different temperaments – yours and others – is a skill that can be learned.

This Institute will feature Pearl Alexander, Executive Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement at Georgia Tech. Based on her work in this area, Alexander will work with participants to explore and identify their personal traits and identities, develop an understanding of the dimensions of temperament, and how these traits affect professionals, managers, and leaders. Individuals will have the opportunity to self-reflect on their introversion or extroversion, associated triggers, and behaviors in order to become more socially aware and to improve their overall emotional resiliency and social and emotional intelligence.

The Institute is designed to increase proficiency in 4 of LLAMA’s 14 foundational leadership competencies: emotional intelligence, communication skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

Note: The institute is open to leaders at all levels and all types of organizations, and a separate Midwinter Meeting registration is NOT required to register for the event.


  • $175 for LLAMA Divisional Members
  • $225 for ALA members
  • $100 for Other Members (Retired, Student, Trustee, Non-Salaried, Support Staff)
  • $325 for Non-ALA Members

The LLAMA Career Institute was introduced in 2007 to support active and ongoing career development for early- and mid-career professionals.

To Register for These Events:

Existing Midwinter Registrants: To add this event to your existing Midwinter Registration, please visit your dashboard link, which can be found in your confirmation email. If you need additional assistance or cannot locate your confirmation, please call CompuSystems at 866-513-0760 or email alaregistration@compusystems.com.

New Midwinter Registrants: If you have not already registered for the ALA Midwinter Meeting and would like to register for this institute, please follow these instructions:

To register online, go to http://2017.alamidwinter.org/register-now and everyone should click on the "I am a member and would like to register online" link.  You will be prompted to login before proceeding to the registration form.  ALA members should login with their ALA ID and password.  Nonmembers will need to create a guest ALA account by clicking on the “Don’t have an ALA account? Make One!” link in order to receive a Login ID and password.

Leadership Development and Management

LLAMA Leadership Development Seminar: “Failure as Opportunity: Leading Your Organization Through Crisis (Including Change)”
Sunday 8:30-10:00 (GWCC-B207)

As libraries continue to transform our programs and services to meet the needs of our communities and thrive, how do we, as leaders, empower our organizations and staff to risk failure to have a greater impact on our communities?  Culturally, how do we move from the belief that failure of any kind is bad? To a culture that encourages “risk” and makes it safe to admit and report on failure?   And see failure, not as just taking the blame, but as an opportunity to learn from mistakes and ultimately part of the process in improving our organizations.

The Institute is designed to increase proficiency in Change Management, one of LLAMA’s 14 foundational leadership competencies.

Presenter: Maureen Sullivan, Past President of the American Library Association

LLAMA Discussion Groups

Less formal than programs, discussion groups feature participant-driven conversations on diverse topics in management.

Saturday, Jan. 21 Group Location
1:00-2:30 Buildings and Equipment - Library Interiors GWCC-B207
1:00-2:30 Human Resources - Emerging Trends GWCC-B209
3:00-4:00 Diversity Officers OMNI-Birch Room
3:00-4:00 Library Organization and Mgmt - Middle Managers GWCC-A408
3:00-4:00 Women Administrators GWCC-A316
4:30-5:30 Fundraising and Financial Dvlp - Devolopment Issues GWCC-A408
4:30-5:30 Human Resources - HR Management Cmt GWCC-B408
Sunday, Jan. 22 Group Location
10:30-11:00 Library Organization and Mgmt - Organizational Theory and Practice GWCC-B217
1:00-2:30 Buildings and Equipment - Library Facilities Planning GWCC-B310
1:00-2:30 Library Organization and Mgmt - Planning and Eval of Lib Services GWCC-A304
1:00-2:30 Systems and Services - Circulation/Access Services OMNI-Dogwood B
3:00-4:00 Buildings and Equipment - Library Storage GWCC-B216
3:00-4:00 Library Organization and Mgmt - Fiscal and Business Officers GWCC-A303
4:30-5:30 Assessment Section - Hot Topics in Assessment GWCC-A301
Monday, Jan. 23 Group Location
8:30-10:00 Dialogue with Directors GWCC-B216

Special Events

LLAMA Happy Hour

Plan to join the Membership Committee and members from around the country for good cheer and fun at the Midwinter Meeting Happy Hour! This is an informal, no-host bar event and we'll meet at Der Biergarten. Sunday 6:00-7:30, 300 Marietta Street NW

Reorganization Town Hall

Join LLAMA President John Spears and other division leaders for an informal conversation about LLAMA's reorganization. Members and nonmembers alike are invited to learn about the reorganization and share your ideas and perspectives. Saturday 10:30-11:30; GWCC-B208


Any conference participant is welcome to attend a Board or committee meeting:

Task Force on Reorganization; Thursday 11:00-2:30, GWCC-A310
Board of Directors; Friday 3:00-5:00, GWCC-B209
Board of Directors; Monday 1:00-3:00, GWCC-A316
LLAMA Program Committee; Friday 3:00-4:00, OMNI-Redwood
All LLAMA Committees; Saturday 8:30-10:00, GWCC-B206
Reorganization Town Hall; Saturday 10:30-11:30, GWCC-B208
All LLAMA Committees, Reorganization Working Meeting; Saturday 1:00-2:30, GWCC-B206
HRS Human Resources Committee; Saturday 4:30-5:30, GWCC-B209
Consortial Borrowing Committee (LLAMA SASS/RUSA STARS); Sunday 8:30-11:00, GWCC-A303
ACRL/LLAMA Interdivisional Cmt on Building Resources; Sunday 1:00-2:30, GWCC-A306
LLAMA Content Coordinating Team; Sunday 1:00-2:30, OMNI-Spruce Room
New Professionals Section; Sunday 3:00-4:00, GWCC-B315

Key to Locations:

GWCC (Georgia World Congress Center)
OMNI (Omni Hotel at CNN Center)