Planning & Evaluation of Library Services Committee (PELS ) Committee Meeting Minutes - June 2006


Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Orleans LA

Members & Guests present:  Susanna Pathak (Chair, Virginia Commonwealth Univ), Jim Blansett (Univ of Alabama), Janifer Holt (Dartmouth), Vanaja Menon (UW-Milwaukee), Larry White (East Carolina Univ), Kathy Brown (guest, NCSU);  Donna Capelle-Cook (Tulane U), Suzanne Byke (Guest, FSU)

Members Absent:  Carla Burton, John Drew Racine (excused), Gus Stamatopoulos, Adam Szczepaniak

1. Welcome & Introductions

2. Review of Agenda Items & addition of other items

3. Incoming chair – Vanaja Menon (UW-Milwaukee) was introduced as the incoming PELS chair for 06-07.

4. Reminder about Monday LOMS All-Committee meeting 8-10 am, Convention Center room 293.

5. Circulation of minutes from midwinter meeting in San Antonio and approval.

6. Susanna announced the joint ARL/Univ of Virginia/Univ of Washington conference on Library Assessment to be held in September 2006 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Susanna will be giving a presentation on the Balanced Scorecard. For more info see

7.  Programs:

  • Larry will work on proposal for program on planning & assessing the learning commons for 2008
  • Balanced Scorecard program for ALA Annual in Washington in June 07 (Susanna is program co-chair). This LAMA MAES program is co-sponsored by PELS.  

8. Website: Jim Blansett reported ongoing issues with LAMA website retooling. He expects to be ready to receive content in September 2006.  

9. LSAC (Library Service Assessment Clearinghouse)

This list of assessment instruments has not been updated in a while and is very short.

Since there are no cheerleaders for the project, the decision was made to drop it.

10. Discussed list of Recently Published Books and Articles Vanaja Menon will manage the project. It will be renamed : List of Resources for Planning & Assessment of Library Services.  The new List will include web/online resources.  PELS Committee members and guests have taken on responsibility for various sections. See list below. Ideally each category should have 3-5 good resources that you would recommend to someone new to assessment.  Brief, informal annotations are encouraged. Some new subject areas have been added. Send your updated sections by the end of October 2006 to Vanaja Menon ( ) and she will review and forward to Jim Blansett (webmaster)

Category                                                                                Contributor

            Access Services --  Gus S

  (including Circulation, Reserves, ILL, Document Delivery)       

            Administration & Management (decision making) Drew Racine           

            Archival Materials/Special Collections

            Balanced Scorecard (NEW) –Susanna Pathak

Collection Development –Donna Cook

            Digitization Projects-Jim Blansett

            Distance Education—Larry White                                                 

            Electronic Course Reserves—Gus S.

            Human Resources/Personnel/Staff Development – Vanaja Menon

Instruction (information literacy) – Kathy Brown (

Learning Commons – Suzanne Byke (sbyke@mailerfsu.edu0

LIBQUAL—Lynn Hufford (                                      

            Marketing (Outreach)—Larry White                       

            Planning –Janifer Holt


            Public Services (see Access Services or Marketing)--Janifer Holt

            Reference & Information Services --Ericka Patillo (

            Systems & Technology 

            Technical Services (including acq and cat) –Donna Cook

            Virtual Reference --Patricia Flanagan (

11.  Round Robin sharing of recent experiences with assessment in our libraries (continued at Monday’s LOMS All-Committee meeting). Hot topics include LibQual & the Balanced Scorecard.