LLAMA PELS Minutes - June 2002


Committee Meeting

ALA Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA

June 15 th, 2002

Members Present: Jamie Redwine (Chair), Joseph Andrews, Ricky Waller (visitor), Caroline Mann, Susanne Pathak, David Fuller, and Elizabeth McClenney


LOMS All-Committee meeting is on Monday, but Jamie will not be able to attend because of another committee meeting. Susanna will attend for the Chair, give a report on PELS activities, and take notes.

Discussion of the PELS’ web page followed. Copies of the current page were routed to committee members, and input was sought on its present content, design, and format.  It was noted that nothing is under the NEWS heading presently.

http://www.hollins.edu/academics/library/pels.htm  (NO LONGER A VIABLE LINK)

Several suggestions regarding the Resource Page were brought forth. They included:

1. Content

The web page should be as inclusive as possible with listing sources because there are other organizations doing assessment. The page should have a detailed outline of articles referenced in it. The articles should relate to services, strategic planning, and assessment. The articles should be as recent as two years.

2.  Subject Headings and Instruments

It was recommended that articles should be grouped into categories by subject. Jamie said that he would ask Adam to spearhead this. Emails can be sent to Adam via the web page. It was suggested calling him the editor of the page (if he agrees).

Discussion of the LSAC pages followed. Susanna and Jamie are responsible for putting it together and maintenance.  Everyone was encouraged to submit surveys and/or instruments that they have developed.  Two assessments instruments have been added from Jamie and Dan Ream.  The individual submitting the form fills in the web template, see http://www1.hollins.edu/docs/library/lsacsurv.htm  (NO LONGER A VIABLE LINK)

It was presented that a definition of headings might make it clearer for someone looking for information.

  • The survey may be submitted in pdf format if it’s not web accessible. 
  • It was agreed by the Committee that the next step is to publize the database. Jamie can take it live.  Jamie will find out what we need to do to get it link to the ALA web site. Other avenues of publicity include LAMA Leeds, LA&M publication, Division and Section News, as well as individual listservs.  Susanna said that she will write an announcement and sent it to Jamie. He will send it to the committee for input, and then distribute it through the various avenues. 

Jamie encouraged committee members to look around for surveys and enter their data. It was requested that everyone find a survey to add.  There is a section for comments, such as “what I think could have made this survey better.”

It was recommended that when someone submits a survey, the individual could indicate if the survey was done or designed by an office outside of the library. 

It was further added that a “Dos and Donts” category for surveys be included on the Resource list. Jamie indicated that this could go in the “comments” section.

Program/Partnership/Publication Ideas Updates:

At Mid-winter ALA, the committee agreed to co-sponsor a LAMA Middle Management Discussion Group program about “cross-training” on 6/17/2002. 

This committee is also co-sponsoring the LAMA Measurement & Evaluation Section’s pre-conference program in Toronto entitled “Got data, Now What?”  Some speakers have been confirmed, such as Don Mills (Public Library Director from Ontario) and Denise Troll Covey, a specialist on assessment from Carnegie Mellon Foundation. Tentative speakers include Sandra Elman and Karen Wittenborg from the University of Virginia.

Gary, Sharon, Jamie, and Susanna will be “worker bees” assisting with the pre-conference.

In 2003 LAMA (PRMS) is planning a program regarding how library leaders can successfully work with Campus Administration to market the library. Jim Neil from Columbia University (formerly of Hopkins) is a confirmed speaker.  Future details are forthcoming.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00am.

Minutes submitted by,

David Fuller