Planning and Evaluation of Library Services Committee Minutes - January 2004

Library Organization and Management Section

Midwinter Meeting - San Diego

January 10, 2004

Present:  Gary Hunt (Chair – Ohio University), Gail McClenney (UC Santa Barbara), Michele Russo (Indiana University South Bend), Richard Waller ( St. John’s University).

Guests:  Randy Hensley ( University of Hawaii), Alberta Comer ( Indiana State University), Bill Biles (( Lexington Public Library), Yong Won Kim ( Surugadai University – Japan), Daniel Liesterman ( Florida Gulf Coast University), Jean Ehrhorn ( University of Hawaii), Jenifer Holt ( Dartmouth College).

After introductions, Gary talked briefly about the importance of assessment in all types of libraries and the need to have data showing learning outcomes.


Jamie Redwine continues to manage the committee’s website hosted by Hollins University.  We only have a few assessment tools on the Library Assessment Clearinghouse.  We would like to publicize this service more and request more assessment tools from other libraries.  We specifically noted that we have nothing about assessment for public libraries.  Some ideas are to write a brief article for the News Section of LA&M, LEADS for LAMA, Cognotes, and to post something on various listservs such as DigRef, IL, OhioLink, Assess-L.  (Note: an article did appear in Cognotes that discussed the committee’s work and listed the URL.) 

The website section on Recently Published Books & Articles is in need of updating.  Members of the committee volunteered to research specific areas for new items and submit to Adam Szczepaniak ( and copy Gary (  Gail will take digital libraries and e-reserves; Dan will research the Balanced Scorecard; Gary will take learning outcomes; Michele will take Public Libraries.  We should try to update before the June meeting.


PELS is co-sponsoring a preconference in Orlando (postponed from Toronto) with MAES.  Title is “Got Data?  Now What?”  All are encouraged to attend and to encourage others to attend.

Future Projects

We discussed the possibility of starting a listserv about library assessment.  Dan and Gary will look into this possibility.

How much does this committee overlap with MAES?  Should there be discussions of moving this committee from LOMS to MAES?  Gary will explore.

Do we want to begin to work on a program?  One possible topic is the assessment of Information Commons.  Have they affected student learning?  Gary will talk with some people who have had an information commons long enough to begin assessment.  Goal will be to discover whether there is enough formal evaluation activity going on to make for a good program.


We spent the last part of the meeting with each of us sharing experiences with assessment activities in our libraries.