LLAMA LOMS Planning & Evaluation of Library Services Committee Meeting Minutes - January 2002

ALA Midwinter – New Orleans
Le Meridien Hotel, St. Jerome Room
Saturday, January 19, 2002
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


Attendees: Jamie Redwine (chair), Adam Szczepaniak (member), Elizabeth McClenney (member), Caroline Mann (member), David Fuller (member), Susanna Pathak (member), Alan Solomen, Sharyn Ladner, Gary Hunt.


Committee Business:

·         Jamie encouraged committee members to attend the LAMA LOMS All Committee meeting on Monday, January 21 at 9:30 a.m.

·         Jamie gave the committee a brief report on the LAMA Leadership Development meeting held on Friday, January 18.

·         Following-up on discussion about creating a PELS website at the June 2001 ALA Meeting in San Francisco, Jamie presented the beginnings of a library planning and evaluation resources website.  The website is currently residing on a server at Hollins University. Committee members agreed that there is a need for this resource and offered to contribute planning and evaluation resources, instruments, surveys, projects, results, etc.  Ideas for the website will be submitted to Jamie by email.  The hope is to have the site looking good by June 2002, and then present it to the appropriate LAMA leaders for approval to move the pages to the LAMA website.  Next steps:

1.       Jamie will be the site administrator (for the time being) and will find out the protocol for moving the pages to the LAMA website.  The current LAMA web administrator is Arawa McClendon, amcclendon@ala.org.

2.       Susanna will work on a form/template for institutions to share information about projects underway.

3.       Adam will begin collecting citations for a page of published articles.

4.       All committee members are encouraged to contribute to the page.

5.       Ideas for further development of the website:

·         Add a counter

·         Instruments and results

·         Sample surveys

·         Web form to share project status reports with others (projects underway)

·         Published articles

·         Planning and evaluation contacts at various institutions

·         Links to institutions with published instruments and results

·         Links to commercial planning and evaluation sites

·         Information about accreditation issues

·         Ideas for contintuing education

·         Susanna gave the committee an update on the status of the LAMA MAES Using Statistics for Planning and Evaluation Committee program for Toronto 2003.  The program is titled “Got Data? Now What? Effectively Utilizing Measurement and Assessment Data.”  The committee agreed that this would  be a good program for PELS to co-sponsor, and four committee members agreed to help with program preparations.  The program proposal was to be submitted to the LAMA Program Committee at the 2002 midwinter meeting.  Next steps:

1.       Susanna, a member of the MAES committee, will keep the committee members updated on the status of the program.

2.       Susanna and Jamie attended the LAMA MAES committee meeting on Sunday, January 20.  The committee agreed to move forward with the proposal.

3.       Susanna will forward the names of PELS volunteers to the program chair, Frank Allen(?).   

Reports of current activities, questions, issues, etc. from those attending the PELS committee meeting.

Other Business:

·         The PELS committee is co-sponsoring the proposed LAMA Middle Managers Discussion Group program titled “Creating the Agile Library Staff: Embracing Change” slated for the June 2002 annual meeting in Atlanta.  The final program proposal was to be presented at the LAMA Program Committee meeting in New Orleans.  No follow-up is required from PELS.

·         Jamie has the names of two people who would like to join the PELS committee.  He will forward the names to Sue Baughman who is the LAMA LOMS membership chair.

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.