Tip Sheet for LLAMA Leaders

Duties of Chairs

  1. Plans and coordinates the section's or committee's work for the year in accordance with the goals of ALA and LLAMA.
  2. Requests appropriate funding from the LLAMA office to support the planned activities of the committee.
  3. Keeps committee members fully informed. In particular, committee members should be informed of the times of all meetings so that they can make plans to attend.
  4. Replies promptly to all inquiries concerning problems related to the committee's work.
  5. Sends information copies of all corresponsdence to the section chair, LLAMA President, and to the Executive Director of LLAMA.
  6. Schedules committee meetings at the ALA Midwinter Meetings and Annual Conferences, and provides an advance agenda to members. The chair should consult with committee members about the best time to meet, in an effort to avoid conflicts. Units that have LLAMA Board members or members of section executive committees should not schedule meetings at times when the LLAMA Board or the section executive committee is meeting. Groups with similar interests or concerns should communicate with each other and, if possible, not schedule meetings at the same time. Instructions for reserving time and space, and the necessary forms, will be sent to committee/discussion group chairs by the ALA Conference Services office. Two copies of the completed Meeting Request Form should be returned to the ALA Conference Services office, which will forward one copy to the LLAMA office.
  7. Returns highlights and minutes to the LLAMA office as soon as possible after the Midwinter Meeting and the Annual Conference. Completes mid-stream progress reports and midwinter and annual conference reports each year and returns to the LLAMA office. Chairs may use the LLAMA report forms or submit their reports electronically.
  8. Recommends reappointment of desired committee members to the section vice-chair or division president-elect as appropriate. Also suggests names of possible new committee members.
  9. Asks the section chair or division president to remove committee members who are not fulfilling their obligations (See Bylaws).
  10. Informs the section chair or division president and LLAMA office, as appropriate, of changes in committee membership. Use the Change in LLAMA Roster form.
  11. Keeps abreast of the actions of the LLAMA Board and attends Board meetings if possible. Appears before the LLAMA Board as needed, to report on committee activities or request Board action.
  12. Sends the records of the committee to the next chair of committee or discussion group.
  13. Sends appropriate archival records to the LLAMA office.
Dates to Remember for LLAMA Leadership
Deadline Task
July Inform the LLAMA office of your need for stationery, if any.
August You'll receive your first mailing from the ALA Conference Services Office regarding Midwinter Meetings. You are responsible for meeting dates and time, and must fill out the forms to reserve a meeting time and space.
September Deadline for the pre-Midwinter issue of LL&M. Begin making plans for your Midwinter meeting.


Budget request forms mailed to you; this is your chance to be sure you have funding for your activities.


Final program budgets for Annual Conference due to LLAMA Program Committee. File mid-stream progress reports with the LLAMA Executive Director and the LLAMA President or section chair. Send award nominations to appropriate committee chair.


Prepare agenda for Midwinter meeting; send to the committee and the LLAMA office.


Deadline for LL&Mwhich is usually before the Midwinter Meeting.

January or February

Attend the LLAMA Planning Session right before or at Midwinter. LLAMA Program Planning and Publications workshops are usually also held at Midwinter.
Report to the section Vice Chair your recommendations for next year's committee appointments including expertise needed.
Write committee/discussion group report for LLAMA office and LL&M.


Deadline for the pre-Annual Conference issue of LL&M. Mailing sent from the Conference Services office regarding Annual Conference meetings and programs.


Contact committee members working on programs or projects and get progress report.


File mid-stream progress reports with the LLAMA Executive Director and the LLAMA President or section chair.


Prepare agenda for Annual Meeting; mail to committee/discussion group and the LLAMA office. If you are planning a program for the next annual conference, plan meeting time with LLAMA Program Committee. If you are planning a publication consult with the Publication Committee.

Prepare for the Conference by weeding your files and organizing them for the conference (this is particularly important if you are retiring as chair), inviting newly appointed committee members to your meeting, etc.


Attend LLAMA Orientation Session and Social at Annual Conference. Write committee/discussion group report for LLAMA office and LL&M.

A Final Program Proposal and Tentative Budget must be presented for approval by the LLAMA Program Committee at its scheduled meeting for program to be presented at next year's Annual Conference.


After the conference, write letters of appreciation to retiring committee members.