Site Selection for Conference

 On June 27, 1992 the Board approved the following policy on
conference site selection:

In reviewing possible sites for LAMA regional institutes or other
major events, LAMA will consider the following factors:

The city should be easily accessible to travelers coming from all
parts of the country.  Preference should be given to cities having
major airports and offering a sufficient number of daily direct
flights to accommodate early morning arrivals and late afternoon

The city should offer sufficient accommodations and facilities to
meet the technical requirements for the event.  Factors to be
considered may include, but are not necessarily limited to, number
of hotel rooms, meeting room and audio-visual availability, exhibit
space, and catering capabilities.  Hotel properties that have
existing arrangements or contracts with ALA should be selected
whenever possible.

Consideration should be given to the all-over desirability of the
city as a travel destination, taking into account such factors as
cost, climate, scenery, major tourist sights, historical interest,
restaurants, cultural events, and the proximity of other
recreational facilities.  Cities known to draw well, based on past
LAMA and ALA experience, should be given preference.  Care should
be taken to avoid cities or regions that have recently been, or are
already scheduled as the sites of other major LAMA or ALA

Regional diversity should be considered in the site selection
process, so that members from all parts of the country may expect
the opportunity to attend a LAMA event in their own geographic

The city should have a library infrastructure that would facilitate
co-sponsorship of events.  Local groups that could be approached
might include, but are not limited to, state library associations,
State/Regional affiliates, local chapters of the Special Libraries
Association or other library professional associations, and
regional library networks.  LAMA planners should avoid cities where
the LAMA event would be in conflict or competition with local

Cities shall not be selected where state laws would require
libraries in the city to conduct business in any manner that
violates approved policies of the American Library Association at
the time the site selection is made.

All selections shall be made in conformity with Section VIII of the
ALA Policy Manual, "Division National Conferences, Preconferences,
and Related Activities."