Nominations and Elections

The President-elect of LLAMA and the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect of each section appoint nominating committees in the spring so that they can begin their work at the Annual Meeting preceding the election. The nomination process should be completed by December 1, eight weeks before the ALA ballot preparation deadline. The procedures outlined in this section were approved by the LLAMA Board January 19, 2002.

Nominating Committees

Nominating Committees are somewhat different from other committees in that their life span is one year and their sole charge is to develop a slate of officers for either the LLAMA Board or the Section's executive committee. They dissolve immediately after the LLAMA Board or the Section's executive committee has heard the report of their slate of nominees, although they may be reconstituted during the year if a nominee withdraws.

Nominating committees are appointed by the President-elect of the division and the Chair-elect of each section to make up a slate of candidates for each elective position that will become vacant as a result of an expired term, a death, or a resignation.

Members appointed to serve on nominating committees should not be potential candidates for office in that section, should not be current members of that section's Executive Committee, and should not have served on that section's most recent nominating committee.

Nominating committees select pairs of candidates for each office to be filled.

Nominating committees should:

  • Follow the elections calendar.
  • Consult LLAMA and Section Bylaws as well as these instructions.
  • Check the ALA Handbook of Organization to see who has been active in the Association.
  • In selecting nominees, choose people who will take leadership responsibility seriously and who will attend the ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference.
  • Seek the input of current officers, chairs of committees, and the section chairs regarding members who have been particularly active, involved, and conscientious.
  • Consider any suggestions submitted by LLAMA members and forwarded by the LLAMA office.

Select candidates who have demonstrated interest in the division by serving on its committees or in other ways. Such persons bring to the office a background of information about the interests of the division which is hard to develop. Moreover, election to an office is a way of recognizing good committee work.

It is general practice that an attempt is made to rotate offices among personnel from different types of libraries and that competing candidates should be from the same types of libraries.

All things being equal, successive candidates for an office should come from different parts of the country. Some nominating committees prefer to have both candidates for an office from the same area to ensure this geographical spread.

The several sizes of libraries, as well as a variety of library activities, are all represented in LLAMA. These different interests should be considered when drawing up slates for elections.

Ethnic background, sex, age, and length of membership in ALA are also among the items that might be considered to ensure the broadest possible representation of the membership.

The Nominating Committee chair invites individuals to be candidates for election and informs them:

A.  That they must be personal members of ALA and LLAMA (as well as the section, if a section office is involved), not only at the time of their election but also during their term of office;

B.  That they must not run at the same time for office in any other section of the division or in any other division;

C.  That if they are currently officers in another division or in another section of the division, they may accept nomination only if their term expires before the new term would begin;

D.  That candidates for LLAMA office must submit a biographical information form and succinct statement of concern of no more than 150 words (passed by the LLAMA Board, January 1980). The Nominating Committee is responsible for obtaining this statement, reviewing it, and forwarding it with other materials to the Executive Director of LLAMA.

The Nominating Committee chair is responsible for obtaining these statements, reviewing them, and forwarding them with other materials to the Executive Director of LLAMA, with a copy to the LLAMA President-elect or the Chair-Elect of the section, whichever is appropriate. Biographical information forms are supplied to the Nominating Committee chair by the LLAMA office to insure that all candidates provide the same kinds of information about themselves. Since candidates are seldom, if ever, personally known to all who vote, biographical information can influence the results of the election. The Nominating Committee should, therefore, review the forms returned by the candidates to be sure that a fair statement of each individual's background is given and that the kind of information supplied by each pair of candidates is reasonably similar.

The slate of candidates for elected office is confidential until it has been reported to the LLAMA Board and the Section Executive Committee, if appropriate, at the Midwinter Conference. Following the Midwinter Conference, the LLAMA office staff will report the complete slates to each candidate and request any missing items and documentation.

Division of Responsibilities for Nominations and Elections

A. Division President-elect /Section Chair-elect:

 The Division President-elect or the Section Chair-elect appoints the Nominating Committee early enough for the committee chair to schedule a first meeting at the Annual Meeting the year before the election is to be held.

B. The Chair of the Nominating Committee: Schedules the committee's meetings. This may be done through the ALA Conference Services Office. However, since Nominating Committees usually consist of 3-4 members, it may be easier for them to make meeting arrangements informally, without involving Conference Services. Since these are "closed" meetings, they do not need to appear in the conference schedule.

  1. Notifies committee members about the time and place of the meetings.
  2. Contacts candidates, distributes biographical information forms and requests statements of concern.
  3. Reviews biographical data and statements of concern for uniformity.
  4. Sends completed slates to the LLAMA Executive Director and the LLAMA President or Section chair. Forwards the candidates' biographical information form, and statement of concern to the LLAMA Executive Director.
  5. Reports the slate to the LLAMA Board and the Section Executive Committee.

The Nominating Committee:

1. Meets at the ALA Annual.

2. Compiles a list of potential nominees, ranked in preferential order, for the chair to contact.

3. May meet again at the ALA Midwinter Conference if changed circumstances necessitate amending the slate--e.g., a resignation, a death, or refusal by any agreed-upon potential nominee(s) to stand for election.

4. Reviews all forms and prepares a final slate.

The LLAMA Executive Director:

1. As a matter of policy, neither suggests candidates nor attends meetings of the nominating committees, but assists on matters of procedures, specific deadlines, etc.

2. Supplies the chair with a committee roster, including addresses and telephone numbers of all committee members, and a listing of the offices to be filled. May also supply, upon request, a list of members of the division or the section, the bylaws, and any other information of use to the committee.

3. Notifies candidates of the final slates.

4. Checks the current membership of each candidate, and if follow-up is needed to ensure that the candidate becomes a division or section member, handles the correspondence.

5. Is responsible for seeing that the slate appears in the proper issue of the division's "official publication."

6. Invites candidates to attend the Midwinter meetings of the LLAMA Board as observers.

7. Prepares the copy for the official ALA ballot, reads proof, and takes any other steps that may be needed in connection with the mailing and return of the ballot.

8. Notifies the candidates and the LLAMA Board of the election results.

Calendar: Elections

Time Frame


By Whom

  January - May  Appointing officers appoint nominating committees and solicit appointment acceptance forms. Appointing officers submit nominating committee appointments to the LLAMA office.  LLAMA President-elect, and Section Chair-elect
  June 1  Appointment acceptance forms from all Nominating Committee members are due in the LLAMA office.  Nominating Committee members
  Annual Conference  Nominating Committees meet for the first time; seek input from current officers and committee members; draw up list of candidates and alternates and set these in priority order. Chairs, Nominating Committees
  Annual Conference  Appointing officers report Nominating Committee rosters to the LLAMA Board of Directors.  LLAMA President-elect or Section Chairs- Elect
  July - September  Nominating Committee members contact potential candidates by phone and in writing, solicit biographical information forms, and statements of concern for the ballot. Chairs, Nominating Committees
  October - November  Candidates return completed biographical information forms and statements of concern to the Nominating Committee Chair.  Nominees for offices
October - November  Nominating Committee chair reviews candidates documentation, completes Nominating Committee report form and forwards documentation and completed forms to LLAMA Executive Director.  Chairs, Nominating Committees
  December 1  Deadline for Nominating Committee Chair to forward all candidates' forms and documentation to the LLAMA Executive Director  Chairs, Nominating Committees
  Midwinter Conference  Nominating Committee Chair reports final slates of candidates to Section Executive Committees and the LLAMA Board.  Chairs, Nominating Committees
  Midwinter Conference  If necessary, Nominating Committees meet to complete unfinished business or identify replacement candidates.  Nominating Committees
  January  Candidates receive notification of the final slates.  LLAMA Office
  December - January  Official ALA ballots prepared.  Executive Director, LLAMA
  February - May  Official ballots printed and mailed; election results certified.  ALA Administrative Services
  May  New LLAMA officers elected  LLAMA Membership
  May  Candidates and LLAMA Board notified of election results.  Executive Director, LLAMA