Gifts and Contributions to LLAMA

Over the years, LLAMA's programming activities have been enhanced through the generosity of many organizations that have contributed money and other support.  The Fund for America's Libraries Manual contains a set of policies on "Gifts and Contributions" in order to ensure effective coordination of appeals for funds from all ALA units.

It is expected that ALA units will assume primary responsibility for funding those programs and services that are usually supported by members' dues.  Gifts and contributions represent additional sources of support for special projects and activities.  Knowledge of the extent of these additional sources is important when trying to understand the full cost of undertaking any activities.

All fundraising requests to outside agencies that are initiated by staff and members should be reported in writing, in advance of the solicitation, to the Executive Director of LLAMA who will forward it to the Fund for American Libraries. The Fund will maintain a record of all solicitations, contributions and gifts received and prepare appropriate acknowledgments. All contributions and gifts to ALA in excess of $250.00 will receive a letter of thanks from the ALA Executive Director.

These steps must be followed:

  1. Any LLAMA committee intending to solicit funds or other contributions to support a LLAMA program or activity will advise the LLAMA Executive Director of this intent as early as possible. Although the initial discussion may be oral, there should be a written statement that specifies 1) the activity for which funds or other contributions are being solicited; 2) the amount of funds or other contributions being solicited; and 3) the probable list of donors, with contact names.
  2. The LLAMA Executive Director will report this fundraising intention to the Fund Executive Director, with a request to advise promptly if there is any reason not to continue as planned.
  3. The LLAMA Executive Director will report to the committee when clearance has been given to proceed and will remind the fundraiser that all contributions should be made payable to the "American Library Association" and sent in a non-window envelope to the LLAMA Executive Director.
  4. The fundraiser will be responsible for all contacts with the donor. The LLAMA Office has the ability to provide an invoice that does not become part of the ALA Accounts Receivable system in order to assist a donor in processing a contribution, if necessary.
  5. As contributions are received in the LLAMA Office, the LLAMA Executive Director will acknowledge them promptly with a letter of thanks, with a copy to the fundraiser.  ALA's contribution processing form will be used for processing the check, to ensure the gift is properly recorded and acknowledged for ALA's donor records. Contributions will be posted to the appropriate account promptly.
  6. Records will be maintained by the LLAMA Office in order to enable annual reports of contributors to LLAMA events.

Note: If a solicitation for funds greater than $5,000 for any one event is intended, prior approval of the ALA Executive Director is required, and the proposal is sent out by the ALA Executive Director.  Please consult the LLAMA Executive Director before approaching any outside agency.

"In-kind" contributions.  Most donations to LLAMA are cash. From time to time, however, an organization will wish to make an "in-kind" contribution. These include, but are not limited to, goods and services which are an integral part of the event and for which LLAMA would have to pay if they were not otherwise provided. For example, a bookdealer might offer to supply notebooks for handouts imprinted with both the title of the event and their logo, library supply vendor might offer to distribute hats and T-shirts at the LLAMA social, a publisher might offer to print and mail a survey, or a library might donate the photocopying of all the handouts for a program. Such contributions are valuable to LLAMA and must be acknowledged as if they were cash.  Therefore, the same rules apply and the previously mentioned steps should be followed.

Because use of the ALA and LLAMA names must be protected, it is important that arrangements for execution of "in-kind" contributions involving the ALA or LLAMA name and logo be made in full communication with the LLAMA office.