LLAMA Awards


In 1984, the LLAMA Board of Directors established two forms of recognition to honor notable contributions to leadership and demonstrated commitment to LLAMA and its goals. These were revised in 1998.

The Certificate of Achievement honors an individual or individuals for outstanding contributions to the goals of LLAMA. The Recognition of Group Achievement honors outstanding team work by LLAMA committees or task forces supporting the goals of LLAMA. The LLAMA President's Award is presented to an individual who is not a LLAMA member or an organization that has made significant contributions to the goals of LLAMA.

The awards consist of a citation presented at the LLAMA President's Program during the American Library Association Annual Conference.

Nominations for these awards may be submitted by any LLAMA member in a letter to the LLAMA Recognition of Achievement Committee prior to December 1 of each year. The letter should include a detailed statement outlining the achievement for which the nominee is to be considered. The nominees' names and contributions are presented to the LLAMA Board for a vote at the Midwinter Meeting.

At its June 30, 1992 meeting the LLAMA Board of Directors endorsed the following guidelines for awards:

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The LLAMA Board of Directors is responsible for the development of general policies related to the awards program sponsored by LLAMA and its sections. In establishing and administering its award program the Board:

  1. Ensures that LLAMA's policies on awardLs are in harmony with ALA's goals, objectives, and policy on awards;
  2. Maintains liaison and communication with the ALA Awards Committee on matters of mutual concern;
  3. Receives and acts on proposals for new awards, or for modification, elimination, or suspension of existing awards submitted by LLAMA sections, committees and members;
  4. Designates and/or establishes standing or ad hoc committees to carry out the LLAMA awards program on the Board's behalf;
  5. Publicizes the LLAMA awards program and strongly encourages nominations;
  6. Calls for a review of existing LLAMA awards at least every seven years and reports the results of the review to the ALA Awards Committee.

Responsibilities of the Recognition of Achievement Committee

The Board's charge to the Committee is "to encourage, recognize, and commend excellence in service to LLAMA and its sections." The Committee is specifically charged to:

  1. Encourage, recognize, and commend excellence in service to LLAMA and its sections;
  2. Establish, revise, and publicize selection criteria for the awards;
  3. Promote, encourage, and receive nominations from individual members or section Executive Committees;
  4. Evaluate nominations and recommend no more than three nominees for each award to the LLAMA Board at the Midwinter Meeting each year;
  5. Determine the award format and plan the award ceremony in cooperation with the LLAMA President.

Responsibilities of the Chair

It is the responsibility of the Chair to see that the Committee fulfills its charge. To that end, the Chair:

  1. Provides committee members copies of all nominations and endorsements as they are received;
  2. May request, or ask a committee member to request, additional documentation on a nominee from the nominator;
  3. Sends an acknowledgement to each person nominating or endorsing a candidate;
  4. Schedules Committee meetings at the Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference;
  5. Reports the name(s) of the award winner(s) to the LLAMA Board of Directors, in executive session, at the Midwinter Meeting.
  6. Notifies the award winner(s), with copies of the letters to the LLAMA President, the LLAMA Executive Director, and the nominator;
  7. Provides the text of the award citation(s) to the LLAMA office no later than March 15;
  8. Assures the announcement in the conference program of the time and place of the awards ceremony.
  9. Prepares a brief resume of the recipient's career and accomplishments to be given at the awards ceremony.
  10. In September, contacts Section immediate past chairs, committee and task force chairs, and the LLAMA Board to convey calls for nominations for awards and to stimulate nominations, at a time that coincides with the general call for nominations;
  11. Prepares call for nominations to appear in all LLAMA publications, such as LA&M, and LEADS.

Responsibilities of the LLAMA Executive Director

The Executive Director and/or the LLAMA office staff are responsible for:

  1. Facilitates the publicity of the annual call for nominations and prepares publicity regarding awards and their recipients;
  2. Receiving and forwarding nominations to the Recognition of Achievement Committee Chair;
  3. Announcing the names of the winners after both the winners and the Board have been notified;
  4. Assisting the Committee with gathering information on the award winners, if necessary, by consulting available LLAMA and ALA files;
  5. Preparing the framed citations;
  6. Notifying the winners of the time, place, and location of the awards ceremony;
  7. Handling all details and expenses for the awards ceremony;
  8. Maintaining complete and accurate records of past and current nominees and winners;
  9. Maintaining file copies of current and past certificates.


Call for Nominations

The call for nominations is prepared and publicized by the LLAMA office. Announcement is made no later than August following the Annual Conference, with wide distribution to LLAMA members, libraries and library schools, and publication in LLAMA LEADS, in the list of "Opportunities and Honors" in American Libraries, and in other professional journals.

Receipt of Nominations

All letters of nomination shall be addressed to The Recognition of Achievement Committee, LLAMA, 50 E. Huron, Chicago, Illinois 60611. The deadline for nominations is December 1.

Nominations are forwarded by the LLAMA office to the Recognition of Achievement Committee Chair.

Nomination for more than one Award

No person shall receive more than one LLAMA award in one year. In the event that the same person has been nominated for more than one award, the procedures set out in the ALA Awards Manual shall be consulted for guidance.

Selection of Winners

At the Midwinter Meeting prior to the Annual Conference at which the award is to be presented:

  1. The Award Committee meets and selects the winners according to the guidelines established for individual awards.
  2. The Award Committee Chair presents the slate of winners to the LLAMA Board of Directors for approval.

The Award Committee is not obligated to select a winner in any year when appropriate candidates are not available.

No member of the staff of ALA is eligible for an award.

Notification and Announcement of Winners

Within two weeks following the Midwinter Meeting the Recognition of Achievement Committee Chair sends written notification to the winners, with copies to the LLAMA office.

After the winners have been notified, an announcement of the winners and the date, time and location of the award ceremony (if known) is prepared and distributed by the LLAMA office.

Preparation of Citations

Texts of the award citations are prepared by members of the Award Committee and forwarded to the LLAMA office for preparation as framed certificates. When necessary, LLAMA staff may assist in gathering background information on the winners. Deadline for submission of text is March 15.

The LLAMA office maintains file copies of current and past certificates.

Awards Ceremony

Each award winner is presented with a citation at an awards ceremony held during the Annual Conference at a time and place determined by the LLAMA Board of Directors. The format of the citation and the nature of the ceremony should be commensurate with the significance of the contributions to librarianship and to the Division which those awards represent, and with the esteem in which the Association, its sections and members hold the recipients.

The winners are informed of the date, time, and location of the awards ceremony by the LLAMA office as soon as this information is available. Invitations to the awards ceremony are extended to the employers or supervisors of the winners by the LLAMA President, with copies to the LLAMA office.

The LLAMA office is responsible for all details and expenses involved in planning and conducting the awards ceremony.

Follow-up Activities

Photographs of the awards ceremony are distributed to the winners by the LLAMA office.

Announcement of the awards, with photos, is submitted to LA&M by the LLAMA office for inclusion in the Fall issue.

Jury Selection for Library Buildings Awards

The following steps constitute LLAMA Board of Directors policy and practice regarding the jury selection process for the biennial Library Buildings Awards Program co-sponsored by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and The American Library Association (ALA) and administered by LLAMA. (The process outlined below comes largely from Document B, LLAMA Board of Directors, June 26, 1979; Document #1.4 (II, 9) (Minutes), January 10, 1989; and LLAMA Board Document #95.70, June 27, 1995.)

A. formal call for nominations of persons interested in serving as librarian jurors is printed in the fall issue of LA&M and other appropriate ALA publications prior to the Midwinter Meeting when selection occurs. Jurors must apply to be selected; only candidates who have submitted a completed application form will be considered. Jurors must have a reasonable expectation of being able to attend the jurying process to be held in conjunction with, or near to, the ALA Midwinter Meeting prior to the award and must comply with ALA rules on conflict of interest. Applications are submitted to the LLAMA Executive Director and forwarded to the chair of the Library Buildings Awards Committee.

The following criteria for librarian jurors must be stated in the formal call for nominations/applications.

  1. Jurors must be ALA/LAMA members, but may not be members of the LLAMA Board of Directors, the LLAMA BES Executive Committee, or the LLAMA BES Library Buildings Award Committee.
  2. Jurors must have experience in library building planning and must have completed a minimum of five projects of varying size, with at least one project in progress or completed within the last five years.
  3. Jurors must be able to articulate spatial ideas and build consensus around these positions within the context of the jury setting. Previous design jury experience is desirable. Preference will be given to applicants who have served on fewer than two previous Institute Awards juries.

The following guidelines for jury members should also be included in the formal call for nominations/applications:

1. The purpose of all design awards is to increase the public awareness of architecture by recognizing outstanding projects, their architects and clients; increase the public and clients' demand for design quality; and to encourage the profession to pursue the highest standards of design.

2. In agreeing to serve on an Institute Awards Jury, each member assumes the responsibility of seeking, evaluating, and recognizing those achievements they deem worthy of the highest distinction the institute may confer on individuals or on their projects.

3. Jury members are reminded to evaluate each submission in the most comprehensive context appropriate to the award, without allowing any one aspect of design to distort the selection.

4. Jury members are further reminded that all materials submitted for an entry are to be evaluated. A jury may not make an award to only part of a submittal. Awards may only be given to individuals, projects, or organizations whose entries are submitted to the jury in compliance with the guidelines appropriate to the particular awards program.

5. The jury may elect not to give any awards if, in its opinion, no qualified submission is presented.

6. Each jury shall establish its own procedure of operation and selection in a democratic manner.

7. In accepting the responsibility of serving on an Institute Awards Jury, a member must maintain confidentiality. Comments and discussions that occur during the jury session must not be repeated prior to the public announcement of the awards. A member should not accept the appointment unless he or she feels that this responsibility can be met.

8. Nominees should be aware that projects presented in the jurying process are disqualified from consideration if any of the jurors served as consultant or architect for the project.

B. The Library Buildings Awards Committee reviews the applications and, according to the criteria established above, recommends three jurors and one alternate. In practice, the Awards Committee Chair presents the slate to the BES Executive Committee along with the list of individuals who applied and were considered and the outstanding reasons why the jurors and alternates are being recommended.

C. The slate is approved by the BES Executive Committee and, along with the rationale for selection, is forwarded to the LLAMA Executive Director and the LLAMA President by the end of the Midwinter Meeting preceding the Midwinter Meeting at which the jurying will occur.

D. The LLAMA President formally appoints the jury from the applicant pool, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Library Buildings Awards Committee. The appointment must be made by February 1 to permit notification to the AIA in time for listing names in the awards brochure distributed in the spring before the awards year (e.g., February 1, 2000 for the 2001 awards cycle).

Calendar: ALA/AIA Library Buildings Awards



By Whom

 August - September (odd)  Call for jury nominations is placed in Fall LA&M (text of prior solicitations may be updated  LLAMA Office and Library Buildings Awards Committee (LBAC)
 Midwinter Meeting (Even)  LBAC reviews nominations and submits slate to BES Executive Committee along with the rationale for selection and other action items. BES Executive Committee approves slate, forwards to LLAMA Office and LLAMA President.  Library Buildings Awards Committee; BES Executive Committee

February (Even)

 February (Even)  LLAMA President formally appoints juror  LLAMA President
   Names of ALA jurors are transmitted to AIA with request for names of AIA appointees  LLAMA Office
 June (Even)  Awards brochure completed, distributed at Annual Conference and via mailing  LLAMA and AIA Offices
   LBAC meets at Annual Conference; focus on plans and arrangements for Awards Program  Library Building Awards Committee
   LBAC presents proposal for ALA/AIA Awards Program to LLAMA Program Committee  Library Building Awards Committee
 July (Even)  Press releases issued announcing the Awards Program and call for entries  LLAMA Office & AIA
 November (Even)  Deadline for receipt of postmarked entry slips  AIA
   Selection of AIA jurors confirmed (if not done in time for brochure). Meeting site for jurying confirmed. LAMA and AIA Offices
 December (Even)  Deadline for receipt of postmarked submissions  AIA
 Midwinter Meeting (Odd)  LBAC finalizes details for Awards Presentation Program at Annual ALA Conference (Local arrangements, receipt and display of entry photos, hosting of award winners, planning for award ceremony, preparation of invitations and invitation list, etc.); sends plan to LLAMA Office.  LBAC
 Post-Midwinter Meeting (Odd)  Award Judging  LLAMA/AIA Jurors
   LLAMA Executive Director notifies winners. Press release issued and article sent to LA&M  LLAMA Office
 March (Odd)  Invitations mailed for Awards  LLAMA Office and LBAC
 April-May (Odd)  Final arrangements for award presentation, luncheon/reception, catering, photographer, etc.  LLAMA Office
   Citations prepared  AIA
 Annual Conference (odd)  Award presentation and luncheon/reception at ALA Conference.  LBAC


John Cotton Dana Public Relations Awards

These awards are given annually by the H.W. Wilson Company in a contest that has been jointly sponsored with the Public Relations Section of LLAMA since 1946. The awards honor library public relations programs that support a specific project, goal or activity, or sustained ongoing public relations programs. Entries are accepted from all types and sizes of libraries, including stated and armed forces libraries, library associations and library consortia. Due to conflict of interest, units of ALA and the H.W. Wilson Co. and its subsidiaries are ineligible for John Cotton Dana awards and should instead be encouraged to apply for public relations awards offered by such organizations as Library Public Relations Council, Public Relations Society of America, and Silver Anvil (policy adopted by the LLAMA Board January 15, 1991). Entries are judged by the members of the Public Relations Section John Cotton Dana Awards Committee. The awards, consisting of a citation prepared by the H. W. Wilson Company, are presented at a reception at the ALA Annual Conference.

The Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial Award

The Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial Award is jointly sponsored by ALCTS, ACRL, LLAMA, and LITA. The award, $2,000 and a citation, recognizes outstanding accomplishments of an academic librarian who has worked in the areas of library automation or library management, and has made contributions (including risk-taking) towards the improvement of library services, or to library development or research. The winner is selected by the Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial Award Committee, which includes one member from LLAMA appointed by the President-elect of LLAMA for a four-year term. The Chair of the committee serves for one year and rotates among the four divisions. The award is presented at the ALA Annual Conference at an appropriate meeting of the association represented by the current chair; that is, each association hosts the presentation once every four years. The rotation schedule is: LLAMA-2001, ACRL-2002, ALCTS-2003, LITA-2004.

Best of Show Awards

The Best of Show Awards are given annually to recognize the very best individual pieces of public relations materials produced by libraries in the past year. The Swap & Shop Committee of the LLAMA Public Relations Section sponsors and oversees the Best of Show contest. Winning entries are showcased at the Swap and Shop program at the ALA Annual Conference. A traveling exhibit of the current year's Best of Show winners is prepared by members of the Swap and Shop Committee and circulated by the LLAMA Office to interested libraries on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cultural Diversity Grant

The goals of the grant program are to support the creation and dissemination of resources that will assist library administrators and managers in developing a vision and commitment to diversity, and in fostering and sustaining diversity throughout their institutions; to increase the representation and advancement of people of color in the field of library administration and management and to establish productive partnerships between LLAMA and major national organizations representing minority interests; to strengthen the diversity of LLAMA membership, committees, and officers and integrate into all aspects of the Association's work.

Student Writing & Development Award

The LLAMA/YBP Student Writing and Development Award is given to honor the best article on a topic in the area of library administration and management written by a student enrolled in a library and information studies graduate program. The purpose of this award is to enhance the professional development of students of library and information studies through publication of the winning article in Library Administration & Management, the LLAMA magazine, and enabling the award recipient to attend the ALA Annual Conference. The winning article will be published in the Fall issue of Library Administration & Management. The award recipient will also receive a travel grant of up to $1,000, funded by YBP, Inc., to be used to attend the ALA Annual Conference where he/she will be recognized at the LLAMA President's Program and the first meeting of the LLAMA Board of Directors and have the opportunity to attend other conference programs.