Teach for LITA (Program Proposal Form)

This form will be sent to the LITA Office. The information will be reviewed by the Education Committee to determine if the proposal meets the requirements to become a LITA program.

LITA courses, webinars, and workshops are based on technology-related topics of interest to the LITA Membership and wider ALA audience. Taught by experts and presented in conjunction with ALA, they reach beyond ALA Conference locations to bring high quality continuing education to the profession.

The Education Committee identifies topics and presenters, reviews proposals, and recommends to the LITA Board appropriate programs. The committee also assesses the presenters and materials and uses these findings to plan future educational programming for LITA. Educational programs can vary in length and depth of material. Educational programs are offered both online and in-person. Online programs can include a webinar, webinar series, or online course. In-person content includes full or half day workshops at ALA Midwinter meetings and Regional Institutes. The Education Committee and LITA staff will work with the presenter to choose the best format for the type and amount of programming they are prepared to present.

We deliberately seek and strongly encourage submissions from underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, and the LGBT community.

To begin the process, the prospective instructor should create a descriptive outline of the program along with information about handouts and any supplementary material that are part of the presentation, course, webinar, or workshop. The prospective instructor will complete the form below, including links to the required materials. The information will then be distributed electronically to members of the Education Committee for review, and a committee member will be assigned to the prospective instructor as the proposal is reviewed and developed. The Committee will strive to provide the prospective instructor with an approval to proceed and/or suggestions for changes within 30 days. Once a program is approved, the Education Committee will forward the course and instructor information to the LITA Board for final approval and to the LITA staff, who will work with the prospective instructor to finalize course details and a letter of agreement.

Please fill in the following:

Presenter Information
Presenter #1 (Primary Contact)
Presenter #2 (Optional)
Presenter #3 (Optional)

If there are additional presenters, please include their names and email addresses in the Comments section, below.

Proposal Information

Learning Objectives. List three learning objectives for this program: skills that people will learn, key information that will be gained, ways in which participant's job performance or careers will be improved, etc.

Supporting Materials

You may also send questions or comments to lita@ala.org or phone #800-545-2433, ext. 4268.