Milton Wolf

Milton T. Wolf is retired and lives in Arizona. Previously he was the Vice President for Collection Programs at The Center for Research Libraries and held collection development positions at The Pennsylvania State University, Wright State University, University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill and at The University of Nevada/Reno. He is also both a scholar and teacher of science fiction.

He was founding editor of TECHNICALITIES, and some of his more than 80 publications are: "Information as God" in the CYBRARIAN'S MANUAL (ALA), "Without Walls Means Collaboration" (ITAL), co-editor of THINKING ROBOTS, AN AWARE INTERNET, AND CYBERPUNK LIBRARIANS (LITA), co-editor of a Special Issue on THE INFORMATION FUTURE (ITAL), co-editor of the science fiction anthology VISIONS OF WONDER (TOR), editor of SHAW AND SCIENCE FICTION (Penn State Press), and, most recently, co-editor of BUDGETING FOR INFORMATION ACCESS (ALA). When not working, he enjoys hiking, skiing, reading and staring off into space.

Having recently failed Retirement 101, he is back building research libraries at the University of Central Florida as the Head of Collection Management and has returned to teaching science fiction and fantasy. Being at an institution that started out as the Space Coast College, and now boasts worldclass schools of Simulation and Training, and Optics, provides him with a great marriage of science fact and fiction.