Karen Coyle

Karen Coyle is a librarian with nearly 20 years experience developing computer systems for libraries. She currently works at the University of California in the California Digital Library, which develops the online access system used by libraries on the nine UC campuses. While active in developing digital libraries, she is outspoken about the effects, both negative and positive, electronic information is having on the social role of libraries. Her book, "Coyle's Guide to the Information Highway," published by the American Library Association in 1997, describes the effect on libraries of new developments in the areas of privacy, public access, copyright, and privacy.

She is currently on the board of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, and in this capacity she speaks and writes on the impact of computer culture on privacy, intellectual property, social equality and gender image. An essay on gender and computing entitled: "How Hard Can it Be?" appeared in the Seal Press book "Wired_Women: Gender and New Realities in Cyberspace" in 1996. She has spoken frequently at conferences and meetings and has been quoted or interviewed in a variety of media.

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