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New vacancy listings are posted on this web site weekly on Wednesday at approximately 2:00 p.m. Central time.  Listings are posted on the first Wednesday after LITA verifies payment with the contact listed in the form you submit.  Payment must be received in the LITA office by noon Central time on that day.  New listings appear under " New This Week" and under the appropriate regional listing.  Postings remain on the LITA Jobs list for a minimum of four weeks.  Summaries of the weekly listings are posted on the LITA Blog and are also send as an email message to the lita-l elist.

The LITA jobs site provides two kinds of listing: a hotlinked URL and a full advertisement.

A hotlinked URL consists of the position title, your organization's name and location, and a link to a complete position announcement at a URL you maintain. Hotlinked URLs must be specific to the position being advertised. Posting a hotlink costs a flat fee of US $60.00.

A full advertisement provides complete information about the position here, with an optional URL for further information. Posting a full advertisement costs US $60.00 for the first 40 words, and $0.80 per word thereafter.

The preferred payment method is by credit card which will be requested during either form completion.

Please choose a link below for whichever type of ad you would like to place.

Hotlinked URL

Full Advertisement

If you have any questions about or problems with these forms, please contact the LITA office, Mark Beatty, or 1-800-545-2433 x4268 .