Membership in LITA

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What is LITA?

The Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) is the division of the American Library Association that provides its members and the library and information science community as a whole with a forum for discussion, an environment for learning, and a program for actions on the design, development, and implementation of automated and technological systems in the library and information science field.

Who Should Join?

LITA's members come from all types of libraries and institutions focusing on information technology in libraries. They include library decision-makers, practitioners, information professionals and vendors who value the benefits listed below.

Benefits of LITA personal membership

  • High quality professional development programs at member rates
  • Discounted rates on regional and national institutes and all LITA education offerings.
  • Publications to inform and educate such as the LITA Guides from Neal-Schuman; plus a discount on all ALA and LITA publications.
  • ALA online communities
  • LITA email lists for discussing technology issues or finding members with similar interests 
  • Latest thought provoking articles and updates on the LITA blog
  • Networking with the brightest and best in the library and information technology profession through interest groups and  committees
  • Build relationships in the information technology community with decision-makers, practitioners, and vendors
  • Contribute your expertise in a meaningful way through participation in programs, publications, working committees and interest groups, and LITA leadership
  • All ALA benefits -- ALA membership is a prerequisite to LITA personal and organizational membership and brings its own benefits.

Membership Categories

  • LITA and ALA regular member --
    • $128 first year ALA members - $60 for LITA and $68 for ALA
    • $164 second year ALA members - $60 for LITA and $104 for ALA
    • $197 subsequent years ALA members - $60 for LITA and $137 for ALA
  • Add LITA to your ALA membership -- $60
  • Non-salaried (unemployed or earning less than $25K per year) -- $79 ($30 for LITA and $49 for ALA)
  • Student member -- $61 ($25 for LITA and $36 for ALA)
  • Organizational membership -- $90 (does not include personal membership benefits for organization's staff)