2010 LITA National Forum: Poster Session Abstracts (alpha by title)

Poster Session Full Descriptions [pdf]

A Perfect Storm: Cloud Computing and JiTT
Ann Perbohner, Dartmouth College
This presentation will explain the use of the Just In Time Teaching (JiTT) strategy that creates a "feedback loop" between student responses outside of class to a web-based active learning exercise, and the ensuing in-class time together.

Beyond Second Life: An Exploration of Real Libraries in Virtual Worlds
Rebecca Miller, Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College; Jorie Porter, Louisiana State University; Jenna Ryan, Louisiana State University; Nancy Colyar, Louisiana State University
This poster session will offer a broad view of the relationship between virtual worlds and libraries, and the realistic measures that should be considered when libraries consider virtual worlds.

Creating and Marketing a Free Web-Based Listing of Grant, Scholarship and Other Funding Types: ScanGrants as a Case Study
Hope Leman, Center for Health Research and Quality Samaritan Health Services
This session will discuss the creation of the free Web-based service, ScanGrants, a listing of grants, scholarships and other funding types in the health sciences. It will cover issues of copyright and marketing to libraries.

Performance Archive Search Tool: A New Means to Access Detroit’s Cultural History
Paul Gallagher, Wayne State University
The Performance Archive Search Tool is a unique open source search engine that demonstrates a zero cost development process and the creation of a digital repository of performing arts archives.

Riding the Wave: Using Google for Library Committee Collaboration
Teressa Keenan, The University Of Montana
Collaborative software and cloud computing were successfully used to fulfill a library task force charge;  what we did and the lessons we learned along the way will be discussed.

Subject Repository Development as an Act of Virtual Community Creation
Jessica Adamick, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
A subject repository's strategies for community engagement are highlighted.

Texting call numbers from the catalog: A look at a semester of use at the SDSU library
Keven Jeffery, San Diego State University; Brian Moore, San Diego State University
Usage patterns for a service allowing a patron to text a book call number from the catalog to their cell phone is examined.

TTYL IRL: Strategies and Tools for Remote Library Teams
Susan Teague-Rector, Virginia Commonwealth University; Erin White, Virginia Commonwealth University
In the current economic climate, libraries can benefit from offering employees the option to telecommute. This poster session will cover strategies and tools for remote library Web teams. The team will provide a list of best practices for virtual meetings

Using virtualized or cloud resources for storage or computing in libraries
Nancy Colyar, Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College
My library saves money and is better prepared for disasters by using both virtual servers and cloud storage.

Web Design with the Brain in Mind: insights from cognitive & information science
Adelle Frank, University of North Texas    
Web designers and developers can follow Steve Krug's clarion usability call to "Don't Make Me Think!" by applying recent insights into human psychology, information behavior and brain function. A survey of recent topics in cognitive and information science as they apply to web development; includes examples from the presenter's experience as a web developer.