2007 Concurrent and Poster Session Handouts

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Keynote session descriptions

Keynote speaker bios

Concurrent Session Handouts

Session Descriptions

Speaker bios

David and Goliath take on Social Tools
Genny Engel, Sonoma County Library
Michelle Boule, University of Houston Libraries 

Library Games: Information Literacy through Play (repeat session)
Scott Rice and Amy Harris, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Building a Large Scale Open Source Repository at OhioLINK
Thomas Dowling, OhioLINK

Five Months with WorldCat Local: The University of Washington Libraries’ Experience
Jennifer Ward, University of Washington Libraries

Library 2023: A Provoked Discussion on the Future of Libraries (repeat session)
Gregg A. Silvis, University of Delaware Library

E-books: an account of the student experience
Bonnie Tijerina, Julie Griffin, and Heather Jeffcoat King, Georgia Institute of Technology’s Library & Information Center

Creating your fist Topic Map
UPDATED, 10/17/07
Edward Iglesias, Central Connecticut State University
Suellen Stringer-Hye, Vanderbilt University

Enhancing the OPAC:  Tagging the Catalog and Keyword-in-Headings Searching
Shawn Carraway, Midlands Technical College
Michael Bowden, Harrisburg Area Community College

The Geography of Libraries:  GIS for Public Library Decision Making and Marketing
Steve Wrede and Jim Duncan, Colorado State Library
Rochelle Logan, Douglas County Libraries
Richard Tuccey, Pueblo City and County Library District
Christe Koontz, Florida state University

Real World Metadata Management with the University of North Texas Libraries’ Metadata Analysis Tool  I doc 1 I doc 2 I
UPDATED, 11/2/07
Mark E. Phillips, University of North Texas Libraries

In Your Face(book): Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services
UPDATED, 10/17/07
Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University Library   

Five Weeks to a Social Library: Learning 2.0 on a Dime
Michelle Boule and Karen Coombs, University of Houston Libraries

Aggregating collections for access: the IMLS Digital Collections and Content project at the University of Illinois at U-C doc 1
doc 2
doc 3
Amy S. Jackson, Michael Twidale, Oksana Zavalina, and Timothy W. Cole, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Integrating information resources: The tale of the Primo development partnership at Vanderbilt
Dale Poulter and Jody Combs, Vanderbilt University

Edward M. Corrado, College of New Jersey Library

5-minute madness
Hosted by Jenny Reiswig, UC San Diego Biomedical Library

Office for Information Technology Policy Update
UPDATED, 10/10/07
Alan Inouye, ALA Washington Office
Bob Bocher, ALA Washington Office

LibX-Connecting Users and Libraries
UPDATED, 10/17/07
Annette Bailey, Virginia Tech University Libraries

It’s Up and Running, Now What? Strategies for Building Content in an Institutional Repository doc 1
doc 2
UPDATED, 10/10/07
Catherine M. Jannik, Georgia Institute of Technology Library and Information Center

The Biodiversity Heritage Library Mass Digitizing Project: A Grandeur in this View of Digital Libraries
UPDATED, 11/2/07
Martin R. Kalfatovic and Suzanne Chernau Pilsk, Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Start-up Process Management for Library Media Production Services
Sean Cordes, Iowa State University of Science and Technology

From Plone to Plinkit to Public Libraries: A Tale of Four States
UPDATED, 10/17/07
Darci Hanning, Oregon State Library
Sharon Morris, Colorado State Library
Kristi Lindsey, Penrose Community Library District

Facet Forward: Faceted Navigation of Federated Search Results for Cultural Heritage Materials
UPDATED, 11/2/07
Danielle Cunniff Plumer, Texas State Library and Archives Commission
David Dorman, US Marketing Manager, Index Data
Mark Phillips, University of North Texas Libraries’ Digital Projects Unit

Letting the cat out of the box?
Edward M. Corrado, College of New Jersey Library

Finding, Using, and Sharing Scholarly Content
Beth LaPensee, JSTOR
Alice Preston, Aluka   

Signs of the Times: Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and IT Audit:  I doc 1 I doc 2 I
UPDATED, 10/17/07
Win Shih, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center
John Culshaw, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries

Peaks and Pitfalls: Designing a Large-Scale Repository Workflow for Quality Assurance
Beth Goldsmith, Frances Knudson, LANL Research Library

Using the "Streetprint Engine" for digital image collections at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) Library
Martha Chantiny, University of Hawaii at Manoa

GettingIT Right
Brenda Bailey-Hainer, Bibliographical Center for Research Rethinking Resource Sharing

User-Centered Research and Library Technology
David Lindahl and Nancy Fried Foster, University of Rochester

The Rutgers Workflow Management System
UPDATED, 10/17/07
Mary Beth Weber, Rutgers University Libraries

Poster Sessions

Session descriptions

Speaker bios

Reaching Students Outside of Traditional Library Instruction: Creating Online Tutorials to Reach a New Generation of Information Users
Cindy Craig and Curt Friehs, Wichita State University Libraries

Take Your Online Services to the Next Level: Audio, Video, and More!
Michelle Jeske, Denver Public Library

SFX Usability Testing at ASU
UPDATED, 10/17/07
Tammy Allgood and Jenna Amani, Arizona State University

Converting Technophobes into Technophiles: Empowering Reluctant Library Staff
UPDATED, 10/17/07
Nina McHale, Auraria Library, Denver, CO

Adventures in Digitization: A new librarian shares five hard-earned tips to avoid project management pitfalls
Cory Lampert University of Nevada Libraries, Las Vegas

Bright Ideas or Squeaky Wheels:  Defining a model for R&D resource allocation
Jennifer S. Kutzik and Don Albrecht, Colorado State University Libraries

Using the Access Grid Videoconferencing System for Collaboration and Training: An Experiment with Distributed Personal Interface Grids (PIGs)
Sharon Dennis, Midcontinental Region of the National Library of Networks of Medicine (NN/LM)

MySpace or Facebook-The Social Networking Faceoff: What’s Right for Your Library?
Beth Evans, Brooklyn College Library
Shannon Kealey, New York University’s Bobst Library