LITA Preconference: Introduction to Web Services

Friday, June 24, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
InterContinental Hotel, Renaissance Room (5th Floor)
505 N. Michigan Ave.

Introduction to Web Services: Making Applications Play Well Together? Do you think web services means providing access through the Internet? It could, but web services is also a set of technical standards that provides a framework for interoperability. Software application developers, including those in the library space, use web services to define how applications can communicate with each other. In many meetings vendors are talking about implementing a new function or application using web services. Find out what this means and how it might impact the choices available to your library in the future. This program will introduce participants to the standards behind web services, how they have been used by libraries and their vendors, and look at how a specific library has used web services to integrate disparate systems.

Speakers: Sara Randall, Endeavor Information Systems; Diane Vizine-Geotz, OCLC; Eric Lease Morgan, University of Notre Dame; Carl Grant, VTLS; Jermey Frumkin, Oregon State University

Registration Fees: LITA/ALA Members, $ 150.00; ALA Members, $ 210.00; Non-members, $ 260.00; Student/Retired Members, $150.00