LITA Conference Buddy Program

The LITA Conference Buddy Program, which was inspired by the GLBTRT Buddy Program, is designed to make conference attendance more approachable, foster inclusion, and build connections between new LITA members and members who have attended past conferences. We hope that this program will leave both participants with a new friend and a new perspective on LITA participation.

To participate in the program as either a new or experienced conference attendee, complete the sign up form below by June 7, 2019. The LITA Diversity & Inclusion Committee will pair up participants and send conference buddy assignments approximately 2 weeks before the event. If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please contact the Diversity & Inclusion Committee at Thank you for participating!

What To Expect At The Conference

To make sure that this program is valuable to participants, we will ask that participants commit to the following activities:

  • Connect with each other at least once in advance of the conference to arrange a meeting (this can be via social media, email, phone, or any other mutually preferred method),

  • Meet in person at the conference at least once prior to attending an event together, and

  • Meet just before the LITA Happy Hour or another scheduled LITA event to attend together.

The experienced conference attendee is also asked to commit to:

  • Take the lead on reaching out to schedule meetings,

  • Make an effort to introduce the new member to other LITA members and conference attendees, and

  • Offer suggestions and advice on getting the most out of conference attendance and LITA membership.