Pre-Conference – Portals in Libraries: A Symposium

ALA – 2004 Orlando FL – Friday, June 25, 2004 – 9:00am – 5:00pm
Renaissance Orlando Resort Seaworld – Crystal Ballroom C
Internet Portals Interest Group
Library and Information Technology Association

Portals are transformational environments which address the problem of information glut by customizing information content to meet specific end-user needs. As portals become one of the primary means for transacting information and commerce, libraries of all types are becoming involved in thinking, planning and building various frameworks and services that they call portals.   This pre-conference strives to educate dialogue, create a community of interest and build a framework for understanding and information exchange on portals in the library environment.  Participants will leave with a good understanding of the environment driving portal implementations, observe best practices, examine real outcomes, get an overview of implementations options as well as learn about standards, interoperability issues, identity management and more.

Symposium Program

Morning – Focus on Vision, Environmental Scan, Good Practices and Outcomes


  • Introduction
    • Amos Lakos – University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA )
  • Vision presentation – future oriented toward the ideal library portal.
    • Amos Lakos – University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA )
  • Current State of Portals in Libraries – a general environmental scan – where we are, challenges, successes, issues and questions.
    • Robert H. McDonald – Florida State University

10:30-10:45am - break – coffee   

  • Portal Implementation Examples (10-15 minutes each)
    • MyUB – Hugh Jarvis - University of Buffalo
    • Scholars Portal – Mary Jackson – Association of Research Libraries (ARL) & Sarah Michalak, University of Utah
  • Assessment and Outcomes
    • Amos Lakos - University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA )

12:00 – 1:20pm - lunch

Afternoon – Focus on IT Implementation Issues


  • Library Technology and Planning for Change – presentation & discussion
    • Krisellen Maloney – University of Arizona
    • The transition from centralized to distributed technologies in libraries
    • Standards to support the integration of information systems
    • Standards to support communication with University systems and other information providers
    • Identifying essential functions and developing a strategy 
    • Timeframe and resources, ongoing operational issues, working with partners

2:45 – 2:55pm – break

  • Implementation Issues and Challenges – presentation & discussion
    • Eric Morgan – University of Notre Dame
    • Communication, learning curves and new work, quality control, planning for the unexpected, value of supportive partners. 
    • User-centered design as an underlying 'organizing' principle for library alone/enterprise and for content channels
    • Identity management within the library portal and as a part of the enterprise 
    • Open source vs. build your own vs. buy off the shelf solutions 


4:00 – 5:00pm

  • Panel of Experts –
    • Closing Statement, Roy Tennant – California Digital Library (CDL)
    • Closing Statement, Sarah Michalak – University of Utah 
    • Summarize the workshop, emerging issues 
    • Questions & discussion