Jenny Emanuel Taylor, 2014 Candidate for LITA Director-at-large

Jenny Emanuel Taylor, 2014 Candidate for LITA Director-at-largeStatement: 

I have a strong belief in civic duty, and I think it is important to give back to your career, makings easier for those in the future.  I would like to serve on the LITA Board to work to providing more opportunities for individuals to find their professional home in LITA.  It is a great crowd, and I want to serve those who are also technology nerds in librarianship. I'd really like to see the board examine new ways of funding LITA.  ALA and LITA can no longer depend on traditional sources of funding, especially in-person conferences.  We need to work together as a division to encourage more virtual participation among members, both in terms of governance and programs.  I'd like to think outside of the traditional "how it has always been done" to look at other funding sources and improve those that we already have.

Current Position:

Digital Services & Reference Librarian, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL

Previous Positions:

Electronic Services Librarian, University of Central Missouri, 2004-2008

Degrees and Certificates:

University of Missouri, EdD Educational Leadership, 2013; University of North Carolina, MSIS, 2004; University of Virginia, BA Foreign Affairs, 2002

ALA and/or ALA-APA Activities:

ALA Council, 2012-2014 (at large); ALA Policy Monitoring Committee, 2012-2014 (member); ALA Membership Committee, 2008-2010 (intern), 2010-2014 (member); ALA Emerging Leaders Interest Group, 2009-2010 (chair); LITA National Forum Committee, 2007-2008 (member), 2013 (chair), 2014 (past chair); LITA Program Planning Committee, 2010-2012 (member); LITA Online Programming Task Force, 2009-2010 (member); NMRT Councilor, 2009-2011; NMRT Membership Development Committee, 2004-2006 (member), 2006-2008 (chair)

Honors and Awards:

ALA Emerging Leader, 2007; Phi Kappa Phi, 2005; Frank Porter Graham Honor Society, 2004

Major Accomplishments:

I am a librarian who works at the intersection of reference and technology.  Understanding the needs and skills of both aspects of library services, I work on a variety of projects, including reference, discovery, web services, and the user experience.

I have a strong sense of civic duty, and I feel it is important to give back to the profession through LITA and ALA.  I also believe in supporting new librarians to find their professional home, both in terms of their career and through professional service.


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