Frank Cervone, 2015 Candidate for LITA Director-at-large

Frank CervoneStatement:

As a member of LITA for 20+ years, my concern is that LITA doesn't have a clear role in a world that is rapidly evolving. While LITA has been viewed within ALA as the place to solve problems with technology, LITA is virtually unknown outside of  ALA. This matters because reversing declining membership requires reconsideration of what LITA's role is. We need to work across all types of organizations (not just libraries) to determine how LITA can contribute to technology issues in today's world. 

We can do this is by: 
(1) Increasing collaboration with other divisions via partnerships that challenge divisional boundaries; 
(2) Reconsidering how we partner with non-library based groups; 
(3) Enhancing the role of SIGs to promote faster innovation within LITA; 
(4) Developing ways to engage non-ALA members within LITA; and 
(5) Strengthening our culture of inclusion and diversity in all respects.

Current Position:

Director of Information Technology and College Information Security Officer, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health

Previous Positions:

Chief Information Officer, Purdue University Calumet, 2009-2013; Director, Library, Information, and Media Studies, Chicago State University, 2008-2009; Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology, Northwestern University, 2001-2008

Degrees and Certificates:

Northcentral University, Ph.D., Management and Information Systems, 2007; California State University, MSEd, Online Teaching and Learning, 2002; DePaul University, MA, Management of Libraries and Information Agencies, 1999; Governors State University, BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, 1986

ALA and/or ALA-APA Activities:

LITA Representative to IFLA, 2007-2009, 2011-2015; LITA Technology and Access Committee, 2012-2013; ACRL Standards and Accreditation Committee, Chair, 2012-2013; GLBTRT, Director at Large, 2012-2013; LITA Frederick G. Kilgour Award Committee, 2010-2011; LITA International Relations Committee, 2008-2011 (Chair, 2009-2011); LITA Assessment and Research Committee, 2006-2010; LITA Telecommunications Electronic Reviews Editorial Board, 2005-2007; ACRL Distance Learning Section Statistics Committee, 2005-2007; LITA Publications Committee, 2004-2006; ACRL 2005 Program Planning Committee, 2003-2005; ACRL Distance Learning Section Executive Committee, 2003-2005; ACRL Distance Learning Section Nominating Committee, 2003-2004; LLAMA SASS Management Practices Committee, 2002-2004; LITA/Endeavor Student Writing Award Committee, 2002-2003; LITA Representative to the 3rd Council on Professional Education (COPE 3), 2002-2003; LITA Education Committee, 2000-2004; ACRL Distance Learning Section Research Committee, 2000-2004; ACRL Distance Learning Section Discussion Group Chair, 2000-2002; ALCTS CCS Subject Analysis Committee Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Analysis, 1998-2001; ALCTS CCS Subject Analysis Committee Subcommittee on Metadata and Classification Discussion Forum, Chair, 2000; NMRT Orientation Committee, 1996-1997

Honors and Awards:

Reviewer of the year, 2014 for "The Electronic Library" journal; "Most additional followers award," CIO Leadership Forum, 2009

Major Accomplishments:

My career has bridged the library and information technology worlds. In addition to authoring four books on topics related to information technology, I have been privileged to write and present on numerous facets of libraries and information technology for numerous journals as well as various conferences such as the ALA Annual Meeting, the LITA Annual Forum, Computers in Libraries, Internet Librarian, and EDUCAUSE. Additionally, I have been an invited to speak and consult internationally in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland, Italy, and Brazil. Specifically, I am most proud of initiatives that I have played a part in, as either leader or participant, that have made a direct and tangible positive impact on services, such as development and implementation of a new information technology governance structure at a prior institution, creating a membership development plan at the Gerber-Hart library, as well as technological innovations such as the installation of one of the first metasearch engines at an academic library.


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