Membership Development Committee


To promote membership development in LITA by:

  • planning programs and activities that attract and inform new members
  • promoting the active participation of current member
  • engaging members both physically and digitally to improve the membership experience

To address the concerns of members, propose solutions to membership issues, and take action when possible.

To advise the LITA board of directors on policies relating to membership and dues.

To serve as LITA liaison to the ALA Membership Task Force (responsibility of committee chair or designee from committee).


Ms. Jennifer Reiswig (Chair, July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2013)
Ms. Ellen Bahr (Member, July 1, 2009, to June 30, 2013)
Ms. Lynne E. Edgar (Member, July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2013)
Scott Floyd (Member, July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2013)
Ping Fu (Member, July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2014)
Ms. Hong Ma (Member, July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2013)
Jennifer M. Meister (Member, July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2013)
Ms. Allison Sharp (Member, July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2013)
Mr. Frank J. Skornia (Member, July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2014)
Nicole Sump-Crethar (Member, July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2014)
Melissa Prentice (Liaison, July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2013)
Valerie Edmonds-Merritt (Staff Liaison, July 1, 2008, to May 1, 2015)

Displaying active committee roster as of 07/01/2012. Last retrieved on 06/24/2018. Members can log in to view full contact information for committee members.



Membership shall include one LITA Board member and four to eight members from the division at large.


If anyone can contribute information about the history of this committee, send it to LITA's Web Coordinating Committee at

Get Involved

LITA values committed and active committee members. Qualified members are welcome to volunteer to serve on this committee. Committee members must have an interest in the work of the committee, be able to participate in Committee meetings when scheduled, e.g., Annual Conferences, Midwinter Meetings, or other times of the year as needed and, be able to contribute to the activities of the committee Express your interest in serving on this or other committees by filling out the application form. Generally, appointments take place once a year, during the spring. Committee service usually begins following Annual Conference, about July 1, for two year terms. Exceptions to this include the LITA National Forum Planning Committee (18 months before the Forum through the December after the Forum), the Nominating Committee (18 months before the election through the election) and, the Awards and Scholarships committees (one year terms).