The LITA Board of Directors establishes committees to help manage or address particular concerns of the division. Each committee is composed of at least three LITA members who serve two year terms. To encourage broad participation, interns may be appointed to committees for a one-year term. Terms commence and terminate at the adjournment of ALA Annual Conferences. A Board member often serves as liaison to a committee to ensure communication between the board and committee.



Every spring, LITA’s president-elect appoints members to committees that have been established by the LITA Board to help manage Division activities. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a committee, please go to the Committee Volunteer Form (ALA login required).
All LITA members are urged to apply. We need the talent and skill of dedicated professionals like you.

Committee Chairs Coordinator

Committee Chairs Coordinator: Jenny Taylor (2017-19)

LITA Bylaws, Article VII: Committees and Representatives, Section 8 stipulates that the Committee Chairs Coordinator will serve as a resource for the chairs of LITA committees and interest groups.  The Coordinator facilitates communication between the leaders of these groups through administering meetings and the litachairs email list.




Virtual Meetings

  •  You may choose to use any convenient platform for virtual meetings, but Adobe Connect is available to LITA Committees to conduct virtual meetings. 
  •  Please contact the LITA Office: Mark Beatty, mbeatty (at); 312-280-4268 to schedule a meeting using Adobe Connect. You may also request time for a practice session.
  •  Please note that LITA staff needs to schedule, set-up, and host all meetings in Adobe Connect.
  • A virtual meeting toolkit will be coming soon.



  • Use the LITA Committee and Task Force Report Form
  • Next, submit a committee meeting report on ALA Connect.  Use your ALA login and password to access Connect. Locate your group’s page under the heading “My ALA Groups;” select "Files" and upload the file to the proper folder. Make the document public so that all LITA members can view your report. Please direct any questions or problems related to Connect to


  • Personas describe the types of people LITA serves or is trying to serve. Use these as a basis for planning your activities.
  • Personas Task Force Report


Information for Committee Chairs

Information for Committee Members


Inactive Committees

Information about inactive committees is kept for historic purposes. No updates are made to information on inactive committee pages.