Learning Theories

Adult Learning Theory North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
A succinct web site focusing on the aspects of adult learning to be considered when educators design classroom activities. References follow. 

Andragogy.net Professor Dr. Jost Reischmann, Bamberg University.
The development of adult learning from an international perspective. Provides in-depth links for adult education and a bibliography for further reading.

Texas Collaborative's Professional Development Resources for Teaching and Learning
An excellent source of information on theoretical aspects and practical applications of learning theory. Thirteen modules range from “Active Learning”to “…Resources for Critical and Creative Thinking”. 

Theory into Practice Database (TIP) Greg Kearsley.
An extensive database of theories concerning the major contributors to the development of learning and instruction. Most theories can be applied to adult learners and will be of use to instructors who want more background on a particular theory. Now part of InstructionalDesign.org.