Teaching Methods

Adult Education in Practice: Highlight of Research
This site introduces key components for designing instruction with the adult learner in mind. Topics include “learning environment”, “teaching methods and course structure”. Although the topics are only briefly described, more in-depth information is available through embedded links and a partially annotated bibliography.

Ed Psych Central: Higher Education: Teaching Methods for Adult Learners
Provides a comprehensive list of links ranging from Common Teaching Methods to Modes of Teaching and Learning. http://homepages.luc.edu/~hweiman/page10highered.html#adultmethods

Instruction (Teaching Methods and Techniques) and Learning
Created by Roger Hiemstra, Professor and Chair, Emeritus, Syracuse University, this site contains selections from books, speeches and workshops as well as teaching tips.

Questions and Answers on Adult Education
Discussions of popular teaching techniques used in adult education.

Seven Characteristics of Highly Effective Adult Learning Programs
Explores research-based principles of effective learning for adults.

Teaching Adults: Is it Different? Myths and Realities. ERIC/ACVE No. 21
A brief article supporting the idea that adults do learn differently than children. An extensive list of references is provided.

Teaching Style vs. Learning Style Bettina Lankard Brown.
An interesting article focusing on the influences of teaching. The article looks at the pairing of educator’s behavior reflecting the needs of the students. The article also looks at how learning is affected by the teaching behaviors of educators.

Teaching Tips Index - Honolulu Community College
Although a guidebook developed by the Faculty Development Committee to assist teachers with regulations and policies, this site also offers information on teaching adult learners. Sections include how people learn, course design, motivating students, teaching techniques, and more.