Library History Round Table Meetings and Programs

Library History Roundtable (LHRT) Annual Conference Sessions: ALA San Francisco, 2015

Library History Round Table (LHRT) Executive Board Meeting

Business meeting for the Library History Round Table.

LHRT Edward G. Holley Memorial Lecture

Ezra Greenspan, Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Chair in Humanities, Southern Methodist University, will be the 2015 Holley Lecture speaker at the upcoming American Library Association Annual Conference in San Francisco. His presentation addressed a key question in library history: where do the lives of individuals, books and serials, archives, and libraries intersect?
The talk, The Lives of Persons, Printed Matter, and Institutions of Letters, explored the intersections in the lives of nineteenth-century African Americans, a people for whom personhood, literacy, and access to institutions of letters was, on the one hand, contested by the white majority; and, on the other, essential for self- and community-formation.

LHRT Research Forum

Libraries and Frontiers: Historical Perspectives
  • MADE MARIAN: Real Librarians of the California Coast Lisa Blank
  • Along the Wilderness Road: Social Libraries on the Virginia Frontier Yvonne Carignan
  • Rural Women and the Ladies’ Library Association: Reading Culture and Peer Education in the Absence of Public Libraries Ladies Library Association, Schoolcraft, Michigan Sharon Carlson & Carole Nowicke