Staff Liaisons to ALA Level Committees



Accreditation (COA) — Karen O’Brien, staff liaison,


Appointments— Kerri Price,


American Libraries— Laurie Borman, staff liaison,


Awards— Cheryl Malden, staff liaison,


Chapter Relations (CRC) — Michael Dowling, staff liaison,


Conference— Mary Ghikas, staff liaison,


Constitution and Bylaws (CBL) — JoAnne Kempf, staff liaison,


Election — JoAnne Kempf, staff liaison, and Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, staff liaison,


Human Resource Development & Recruitment (HRDR) Advisory, Lorelle Swader, staff liaison,


Information Technology Policy (OITP) — Alan Inouye, staff liaison,


Literacy—Michelle Harrell Washington, staff liaison,,


Member— Ron Jankowski, staff liaison,


Membership Meetings (COMM) — Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, staff liaison,


Nominating—Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, staff liaison,


Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS) — Michelle Harrell Washington, staff liaison,


Training, Orientation and Leadership Development— Lorelle Swader, staff liaison,


Public and Cultural Programs—Deb Robertson, staff liaison,


Research and Statistics (CORS) — Kathy Rosa, staff Liaison,


Rural, Native and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds— Michelle Harrell Washington, staff liaison,


Scholarships and Study Grants—Lorelle Swader, staff liaison,


Web site Advisory— Sherri Vanyek, staff liaison,





Advocacy – Marci Merola, staff liaison,


Budget Analysis and Review (BARC) -- staff liaisons: Greg Calloway,, Elaine Klimek, L. Denise Moritz,, Keith D. Brown,


Committee on Committees (COC) —Kerri Price,


Council Orientation—Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, staff liaison,


Diversity —Michelle Harrell Washington, staff liaison,


Education— Lorelle Swader, staff liaison,


Intellectual Freedom (IFC) — Barbara Jones, staff liaison.


International Relations (IRC)—Michael Dowling, staff liaison,


Legislation (COL) — Lynne Bradley, staff liaison,


Organization (COO) — Kerri Price, staff liaison 


Policy Monitoring (PMC) — Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, staff liaison,


Professional Ethics (COPE) — Deborah Caldwell-Stone, staff liaison,


Public Awareness— Cathleen Bourdon, staff liaison,, and Megan McFarlane, staff liaison


Publishing—Don Chatham, staff liaison,


Resolutions—Lois Ann Gregory-Wood, staff liaison,


Status of Woman in Librarianship (COSWL) — Lorelle Swader, staff liaison,






Association of American Publishers (ALA-AAP) — Keith Michael Fiels, staff liaison,


ALA-Society of American Archivists/American Association of Museums (ALA-SAA-AAM) — Karen Muller, staff liaison,


ALA-Children’s Book Council (ALA-CBC) — Beth Yoke, staff liaison,



This page was created under the direction of the ALA Training, Orientation  and Leadership Development Committee (TOLD).  For additional assistance, comments or questions please contact the committee's staff liaison, Lorelle Swader, Director of the  Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR) at