Nominating Committee


A complete outline of the ALA nominating committee's duties and responsibilities is identified in the ALA bylaws, article iii. Briefly, they are: the ALA nominating committee shall nominate candidates from among the general membership for the position of president-elect annually; for the position of treasurer, whenever this is required. The nominating committee shall nominate annually candidates for members-at-large of council for three-year terms. The number of nominees shall not be fewer than one-and-one-half times the anticipated number of member-at-large vacancies to be filled at the next election. The nominating committee shall also nominate and place on the ballot candidates for a vacancy in the membership of council, representing the association at large. The ALA nominating committee shall report its nominations at the Midwinter Meeting of the council. The final list of the candidates' names shall be reported in American libraries. the ALA nominating committee shall also include on the official ballot other nominations filed with the executive director by petition of any twenty-five members of the association at least four months before the Annual Conference, provided written consent of these nominees shall have been filed with the executive director of the association. Note: no person may be nominated for or serve on the council unless that person is a personal member of the American Library Association; no candidate may accept nomination from more than one group. no person shall be nominated by the nominating committee whose written consent has not been filed with the executive director of the association. ALA nominating committee, no one of whom shall be a member of the board, to nominate candidates for elective positions.


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Nominating Committee consists of Nine (9) Members, which includes the Chair.  No member may serve on the Nominating Committee more than once.