ALA and Council Committee Intern Program

The ALA and Council Committee Intern Program provides an opportunity for newer library workers to become familiar with ALA structure, in particular its committees; to network with peers and library leaders from around the country; and to participate in a service learning activity. The program offers the possibility to connect, to learn, to succeed, to advance, and to lead. Most ALA and Council committees are assigned up to two interns each with alternating terms.   These committees are created by the Executive Board, Council, and the President are designated as committees of the Association and committees of the Council. The Bylaws provide for several types of committees: standing, special, inter-divisional, and joint.  For anyone who is interested in learning more about the Internship Program you can view this recorded presentation.  (Please note that the presentation begins after the first presenter's picture.)

The resources below are provided to support the work of Interns: 

General Reference Documents:

ALA Connect:



Minute Taking Resources:


ALA Governance and Strategic Resources:

Conference Resources:

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