GODORT: Volunteer Form

We invite you to get involved in GODORT. There are many opportunities to participate whether you can attend the mid-winter and annual meetings regularly or not. Please express your interest and we will find a place to get you involved!!

Please complete the interactive form below and submit it by May 1st. It will be sent directly to the GODORT Chair Elect.

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How did you become familiar with their work (e.g. attended meetings, read about it in DttP, web site, etc.)?

You may receive a committee appointment as a representative from a GODORT Task Force.  Please rank the GODORT Task Forces to indicate their relevance to your interests.  Rank from 1 to 3 with 1=most interested to 3=least interested:

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(This is required for formal committee appointments, but there are other opportunities for involvement.)

Complete the above form and submit it, or you may send the requested information by e-mail to the GODORT Chair Elect (see current directory for contact information).