These "E-Competencies" represent a GODORT effort to describe the technical skills and knowledge that depository librarians need to possess in order to to provide effective service with electronic products.

In most institutions, the ability to use many of the competencies listed here are influenced by forces outside the depository itself. For instance, administrative decisions, whether policy or budget, can determine how well a depository delivers electronic services. Likewise, the policies, procedures, and personnel of a library's systems or IT department can have a great effect on e-competencies.

The effective depository librarian will have knowledge of the local personnel and policies related to information technology. S/he should cultivate positive relationships with administration and systems staff, in order to insure excellent service for electronic government information. S/he should have knowledge of, and input into, technology-related policies affecting the depository. When necessary, s/he should seek out training opportunities. S/he should also take advantage of expertise throughout the government documents community to aid in meeting the e-competencies noted here. One can ask one's regional, nearby depositories, or the community at large via GOVDOC-L.

Tier I:
E-Competencies That Every Depository Librarian Should Have

Tier II:
Skills Which At Least One Depository Staff Member/librarian Must Have

Tier III:
Skills Which Are Very Helpful To Have, Especially In a Depository Library Serving Clientele Performing Research

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E-Competencies Handout For Presentations