Console Games

WHY is console gaming a good fit for the library?


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WHAT are some good games and systems for programs and collections?




  • Pokemon:  While Pokemon games are made primarily for handheld systems (currently the Nintendo 3DS), creating a venue where kids can battle and trade makes for a solid (and cheap) program. Pokemon is a surprisingly deep game that requires kids to think strategically to succeed.

  • NintendoLand (WiiU) - A variety of team-based and solo videogames patterned after Nintendo franchises. Features several instances of asymmetrical multiplayer, meaning it’s an excellent game for groups. Don’t let any cutesy presentation fool you - after one round, every demographic gets hooked.


  • Marvel vs Capcom / Injustice (PS3/Xbox/WiiU): These fighting games cover Marvel and DC Comics franchises, respectively. Both games have “Ultimate” editions that include extra characters and costumes.

  • NBA/Madden: Teens, especially boys, will refer to “2K” and “Madden” like they’re a way of life.

  • Naruto Ninja Storm - A fighting game featuring the ever-expanding roster and storyline from the Naruto series.




  • Super Smash Bros.:  A ridiculously popular tournament game with extremely broad appeal.  A new version will be released for the Nintendo WiiU soon, but there are currently versions available for the older Wii (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) and the Nintendo Gamecube (Super Smash Bros. Melee, which many prefer).  


HOW can I make console gaming work at my library?

  • Video game consoles can be expensive, but an initial hardware investment can create many programs down the line for a library.  Alternatively, put out a call asking patrons or staff to bring their hardware - there are many people in the community who want to see it happen, and will help in any way they can!


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