ALA Annual 2016 Conference Information

GameRT Preconference

More than a collection: encouraging creation using games | Brian Mayer, Diane Robson, Teresa Slobuski

During this full-day session participants will be guided through the game design process, exploring analog game design and its applications to digital design as well. The goal with an analog design approach is to focus on the concepts and skills, leaving the design to arts and crafts. Game design allows for programs to focus on design, inquiry, problem solving, computational thinking and more, without the barriers of learning a tool. Once the fundamentals of good design approach have been practiced, they can then be applied in a more technical setting, introducing tools and programs. Participants will be introduced to basic game design concepts, human-centered design, prototyping, and  effective playtesting.
This GameRT preconference can jump start your move from content users to content creators at your library.

ALA Play

ALAplay is a free, open evening of gaming, graphic novels and cosplay. ALAPlay combines gaming, comics, and cosplay for an evening of fun while exploring new, social game offerings and collection development / programming ideas, while meeting and sharing ideas with librarians from across the country. It is sponsored by the Games and Gaming Round Table and the Graphic Novels Members Interest Group.

GameRT presentations