Welcome from the President

Welcome to the start of the 2014-15 FAFLRT Year!

I am looking forward to an exciting year building upon the work of FAFLRT leadership to date! In a time when our profession is evolving and federal funding is uncertain, much opportunity exists to build and expand on the role of FAFLRT both within the ALA and in the federal librarian community.  It is my goal that in the coming year, FAFLRT accomplishes these objectives through (1) increased engagement with our membership and (2) leveraging existing and forging new partnerships within and outside of ALA.

Achieving the strategic goals I outlined above includes completing work begun under the leadership of Immediate Past President Virginia Sanchez and the 2013-14 Board:

  1. Rebrand FAFLRT communications (e.g., social media, Federal Librarian newsletter, and website) with the winner of the 2014 FAFLRT logo contest;
  2. Establish new and continue existing liaison relationships with relevant ALA committees and round tables;
  3. Continue fundraising efforts which will support high-quality, relevant speakers, scholarships, and other initiatives for FAFLRT events; and
  4. Expand programming to virtual outlets and beyond ALA Midwinter and Annual conferences to enable more participation from FAFLRT members in our activities.

Through progress on these action items, I think we are well-positioned to continue the positive legacy of FAFLRT. The key to full success is you, our members. Whether you can get involved by (1) participating in a one-time effort (such as planning a program with other volunteers or submitting a brief article for our Federal Librarian newsletter or participating on the award committee) or (2) give some time each month (such as representing FAFLRT to another group and submitting relevant items from its meetings to the FAFLRT board) or (3) anywhere in between, I invite you to become involved!

FAFLRT has a number of activities (some that just concluded and others that are upcoming) in which your input matters. Last month, we concluded a bylaws vote to update our operating procedures. This month, I will be sending out a call for volunteers for liaisons with ALA round tables and assemblies, which are the foundational building blocks to increasing FAFLRT’s engagement with the broader ALA community. In the coming months, the Board will also be seeking input on ALA’s strategic planning exercise to ensure that the needs of federal libraries and librarians are put forward and represented. And, as always, we want to develop programming that aids in the professional development of federal librarians.

I hope that you can find a place to participate in at least one of the activities above. If you need more inspiration, see our Committees page for an idea of how you may contribute http://www.ala.org/faflrt/governance/committees.  Want to suggest something new or comment on any and all things FAFLRT? Use our feedback form which is at http://www.ala.org/faflrt/feedback. The Board is listening.

You may also participate in the Board’s monthly meetings, held on the first Wednesday of each month at 3p ET. Email me at the address below if you are interested and I will provide the connection details.

FAFLRT’s mission is “to promote library and information service and the library and information profession in the federal and armed forces communities; to promote appropriate utilization of federal and armed forces library and information resources and facilities; and to provide an environment for the stimulation of research and development relating to the planning, development, and operation of federal and armed forces libraries.” I believe in this mission and am eager to begin the round table’s 2014-15 contributions toward its advancement.


Amanda J. Wilson

President, 2014-2015

Federal and Armed Forces Librarians Round Table


Not yet a member? If you’re interested in federal libraries and librarians, it is simple to join at http://www.ala.org/faflrt/membership!