Virtual Library Legislative Day

Take action from home! Participate in Virtual Library Legislative Day from your office or home between May 6th and 10th.  It’s easy, effective, and only takes minutes!

First. Visit the Contacting the Congress website to look up the contact information for your Representative and two Senators.  All you need is your Zip code!

Next. Download this letter template, personalize it, and either fax it or email it to your Representative and two Senators using the contact information you found in the First Step.  (Note if you choose to email this letter you will be submitting it through an online contact form not through your email.)

Last. Call! Take 5 minutes to personally call Congressional staffers and tell them why libraries are important to your community! Here are some useful talking points. Use the contact information you found in the First Step and pick up the phone!

Learn more about Virtual Library Legislative Day and stay informed and up-to-date on all the issues with ALA’s issue briefs.