Write an Elevator Speech for Library Card Sign-Up Month

Week of Tuesday, August 11

Write an elevator speech for Library Card Sign-Up Month.

September's just around the corner, so now's the perfect time to write an elevator speech to promote the value of library card ownership!

The infographic created by ALSC's Public Awareness committee includes great starting points for using value-based language to craft your speech.

Instead of starting your speech with "I help..." consider a switch to "A library card helps..." to put the focus squarely on that little piece of magic.

Here are a few examples:

A library card helps kids spark their imaginations so they can become creative problem solvers.

A library card helps youth of all ages pique their natural curiosity so they can cultivate a lifelong sense of wonder.

Send us your speech at everyday-advocacy@hotmail.com so we can share it with other Everyday Advocates!

With your elevator speech on hand, you'll be always be ready to answer the question, "Why should I get a library card?" even if no one's asking!