Send a Handwritten Thank-You Note to One of Your Library's Summer Program Supporters

Week of Tuesday, July 14

Send a handwritten thank-you note to one of your library's summer program supporters.

The summertime months are among the busiest at public libraries, and many of us count on the support of others to help us shine.

This week, send a handwritten thank-you note to a colleague, volunteer, administrator, policy-maker, or funder who's contributed to your summer success at the library.

Why not include the impact statement you collected as part of last week's challenge to really bring your message to life?

Conclude your note with an invitation to visit the library so you can thank your recipient in person and show him or her the awesome s/he's helped make happen this summer.

Thanking your supporters and sharing impact statements about the services you provide are great examples of Everyday Advocacy in action!