Introduce Everyday Advocacy to a Colleague

Week of Tuesday, March 8

Introduce Everyday Advocacy to a colleague.

Everyday Advocacy isn't just a one-person show!

This week, introduce Everyday Advocacy to a colleague who's unfamiliar with the initiative.

If you work in a public library, why not approach someone in a different department?

If you work in a school library, think about the administrators, teachers, and staff members who are always at the ready to support you.

Be sure to talk up the Everyday Advocacy website, Take Action Tuesday blog, and seasonal Everyday Advocacy Challenges to pique your colleague's interest and invite his/her involvement.

Cultivating advocates within your own library helps secure the future of library service to children both in your community and beyond it!

Commit to the Everyday Advocacy Challenge this spring by joining in on four consecutive weeks of Take Action Tuesday challenges designed by our 15-member cohort.

Post your successes, challenges, and questions to ALSC-L or social media using #EAChallenge‚Äč.