Assn. for Library Collections & Technical Services

Learn about community archiving from Densho, a grassroots organization with over 20 years of experience preserving the memory of the Japanese American incarceration during World War II. This webinar will touch on the topics of oral histories, digitization and access, and the importance of strong community relationships.
This webinar introduces usage-based acquisitions models, such as DDA and EBA, and how to best assess these initiatives. In addition, participants will learn how to communicate results to library stakeholders.
This webinar will increase your understanding of what it takes to preserve commonly used digital files such photos, recordings, videos and documents as well as some of the challenges and practical tips you can use.
Part 1 of "Digital Preservation: Audiovisual Edition" is dedicated to the "nuts and bolts" of digital AV files and how this knowledge can influence file format selection for digitization and the preparation born-digital media for archival preservation.
Part 2 of "Digital Preservation: Audiovisual Edition" is dedicated to the practical applications of digital preservation to audiovisual materials that have been digitized or come in born-digital formats. Practical examples and real-life scenarios will be discussed.
Join members of the project Communications Working Group on Tuesday, November 27 and Wednesday, November 28 for an e-forum discussion to chat about the divisions as they exist now, what you would want in a new division, and answer any questions that you may have about the new division process. Your input is vital to informing the creation of this new division, and the Steering Committee wants to hear from you!
Libraries and archives are often asked by the communities they serve to conduct, advise on, or be the institutional home for oral history projects. The librarian or archivist is relied upon to help define an oral history project, provide background research, assemble technical resources, develop a list of interview questions, identify potential interviewees, train interviewers, create products, and house the resulting interviews. This webinar will give participants the foundation for successful oral history projects.
Acquiring and cataloging e-books received as firm orders presents a unique challenge to librarians accustomed to print material. This session will show participants how to plan and create a workflow for processing these orders using a shared mailbox.
This webinar will discuss how cataloging in publication is handled in the electronic environment, what the Library of Congress’ role is, and how libraries and publishers are managing in this new environment.
This e-Forum will focus on staffing/organizational structure; eBook acquisition and licensing; ebook discovery and promotion; eBook troubleshooting; and tools to support ebook management.